Monday, January 4, 2010

Walking the Dogs in Natchez, Mississippi

After we left New Orleans we drove to the sleepy little town of Natchez, Mississippi. (Why is it that I always do that little sing song voice in my head when I spell the Mississippi? Miss Iss I pp I)

Our hotel was right along the Mississippi river so at 8 am when we took the dogs for a walk we naturally headed to the river. It seemed like the perfect place to walk them.

There was a lovely little park.
We were the only ones there.
What more could we want?
Maybe less of a breeze off the water would have been nice.
Oh maybe 30 degrees warmer would have been even better.
Because It.Was.Cold.
And not it was cold to a Southern 40 degrees cold.
It was in the 20s cold.
It was teeth chattering cold.
We were not prepared cold.
Icy winds cold.
I'm a great big baby cold.
We decided to walk in town hoping it would be warmer or at least less windy.

This giant Christmas Tree sits smack in the middle of the two major cross streets in town.
When I took this picture we were sitting on a bench with our hands cupped around a hot cup of coffee. My butt may have been cold but my hands were warm.

I love love love the rockers on the front porch.
And the tiny little wreaths in the windows.
And the boxwood hedges.
And the double porches.
And that the house was built in 1793 and had to be quirky as all get out on the inside by now.

This is not a family home or a bed and breakfast like most of the old places in town.
You can tour this place.
We didn't.
We had the dogs in tow.
They wouldn't have appreciated the tour.
They weren't so much interested in the architecture as we were.
Mostly, they peed on all the signs.
Or at least Tripper did.
It's a guy dog thing.

It was at this gorgeous old place that I tripped.
Sprained my wrist trying to break my fall.
Scraped my left hand, my left knee, and my left hip.
Good thing it was cold.
It stopped the swelling.
Did I mention this house was on the main street coming into town.
Oh yeah, that is the way I roll.

Beautiful fountain in the park in the middle of town.
The dogs liked the opportunity to have a drink.
JR liked holding Nessa back from jumping in.
Poodles (shakes head)
She wouldn't have liked how cold that water was.
We still had a fair piece to walk back to the hotel.
She would have had frozen paws by then.

Big old church.
As with most of the buildings it started out small and was added on to as the town and the congregation grew.

For a Monday morning the town was pretty quiet.
There were a few walkers, like us.
A few joggers, not us.
A couple of dogs to make friends with, including another Corgie.
She was beautiful. Tripper wasn't that into her though.
I guess that is what happens when you get them neutered young.
Good thing I waited to have JR done when he was over 30.

Anyway, there is a brief photo tour of Natchez, Miss Iss I pp I.
If you are ever in Miss Iss I pp I
head over to Natchez.
It is a lovely quaint little town of about 17,000 people.
With big old houses.
Tons of history.
And very uneven sidewalks.



  1. It sounds just lovely there, but I'm sorry that you took a tumble!

  2. I want to go to there!

    I love that you see the silver lining in everything. (The cold that brought the swelling down. :) )

    Love the old homes; they look so bright and refreshing.

  3. Thank you for coming to Natchez and writing such a lovely blog about it. So sorry you fell down, go boom!

    The big house that you said you didn't tour because of the dogs was where I went to middle school. Yes, it was used as a school for a few short years, but has been restored and furnished to its former beauty inside now.

    I hope you'll come back sometime during March or early April when most of the homes are open for tour and the flowers are in such profusion the air is perfumed.

    Hope your wrist heals quickly.

  4. Egads, girl - I hope you're okay! Although I had to laugh at the cold keeping the swelling down.

    Scooter? Would not have gone out for a walk - he hates the cold. Nor would he have gone anywhere NEAR that fountain - he hates water. Yes, he is a weird dog.

  5. OH! Lovely! I want to go there! Thank you for taking me!

    I'm sorry you fell. Darn it.


  6. My mom usually manages to take a tumble whenever she's on a walking tour, guided or not. We call it "pulling a Frannie." Whenever someone else does it, we tell them they pulled a Frannie. It's a mark of honor in my family. (We're all a bit clumsy.) I am proud to pass it on to you as well! Beautiful pictures!

  7. I love Natches with all my traveling heart. I was fortunate enough to travel there for 8 years on business. And spend at least 3 b'days in that town.

    Did you get to Fat Mama Tamales? There are some real gems in that town. I too am sorry you went boom. But aren't you glad it was in the AM?

  8. It looks beautiful, sorry it was so cold. I don't think of Mississippi as cold.
    Hope you didn't really get hurt...

  9. Thank you for visiting Natchez. I just wanted you to know that you didn't see many people out because we are not used to this weather, and we were all cuddled up inside by the heater. Come again, and I guarantee it won't be this cold - this was record breaking.

    The house that is open for tour is called Magnolia Hall. Directly behind it is our public library - you can even see part of it on the far right of your picture. If you come again, stop in to see us - we always love visiting librarians. It was even warm there today, in spite of our antiquated heating & cooling system.

    I live directly across the street from Magnolia Hall, so I have a tough commute to work. You can stop in to see me, too.

  10. Oh, your poor wrist. You ok? Got a sling? That's gotta be a bitch to type with.

    Those pictures were all gorgeous.