Monday, December 21, 2009

RTT - I Need a Penmanship Course

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As of this morning is was neck-n-neck between Ann from Ann On and On and Matt-man from Bagwine Ruminations.

A couple of weeks ago I pulled the 30 Shred video that I bought 7 months ago out of the packaging. It took an exacto knife and a couple of broken nails but I got it out. Two days of absolute torture I gave it up. I couldn't even cough without crying out in pain. When I walked I looked crippled. Brushing my hair hurt. When I laughed I peed a little. My muscles gave me a big F-you and gave up the ghost.

I couldn't take it. I cracked under the pain. I would have given up state secrets if I had any. What an evil woman that Jillian person is. The CIA should be offering her a job. I know, deep in my heart, that she had to have sold her soul to the devil.

I did join the recreation center on campus. This place is pretty unbelievable. Huge pool with those diving platforms, an indoor running track, machines that I have no idea what they do, racquetball courts, 3 badminton courts and the pièce de résistance, a beach pool with a water slide. Next month Rachel and I are going to share a personal trainer. Stop! Share as in get personal workouts at the same time not share as in "share share".

I sent off all my gifts late this year. So everyone is getting theirs after Christmas. I'm trying to extend the holidays out for everyone. Kind of me, huh? Yeah, I though so too. Lazy much!

I wish my handwriting was that nice. Mine is a cross between kindergartner and sexagenarian. It's a little bit city and a whole lot o' bumpkin.

You have got to go to Mum-me's place. She makes a Christmas Tree cookie cake that is too cool for school. She's posted the recipe and the how-to. I love it!

So that's it for today. Head over to Keely's to see more random thought.



  1. See? And you thought I would take it. I KNEW there were people more twisted than me out there!

  2. You are brave... I keep thinking I could do a Jillian workout, but ... I can't!

    Good for you.

    Merry Christmas, Michele!


  3. Pleasssee...I gave that DVD away to some unfortunate friend. To me the torture was Jillian's voice--"Don't phone it in people!" My daughter still does her Jillian imitation whenever I get out my yoga mat. "Don't phone it in Mommy! You can do it! You are Strong." she says as I chase from room to room threatening her.

  4. good for you for sharing a trainer. So many people do it and it's totally worth it. If you were here, I'd train you. but never come to see me the day after the Biggest Loser is on, I tend to be a more 'jillian' on those days

  5. I like that Christmas greeting, and yes the handwriting is super neat ... I thought it was print.

    I can print that neat for about 2 words and then it gradually disintegrates into meaningless squiggles.

  6. you are quite brave for attempting the workout

  7. Check out the two minute teaser from that video on Amazon - that gal Jillian won't even let you cheat at jumping jacks! Honestly darlin', what were you thinking???? Only wine and bendy things for YOU!!!

  8. I tried Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred last weekend. That woman IS the devil.

  9. I did 30 day shred for awhile. It was a great workout, but I don't think I made it through even once without shedding a few tears and needing numerous pep talks. Haha.

    That rec. center sounds awesome!