Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Most times self-realization is painful

I recently acquired an iTouch and have become totally addicted to it. This is so wrong. I may be a geek but I just don't like to take the time to figure out gadgets. I barely know how to use the cell phone that I have had for over a year. VCR, DVR, DVD, etc forget about it. I leave all those gadgets to JR to figure out. Computer software? I'm all over that, though.

Turns out this is one gadget that will suck you in then bleed you dry. It shows absolutely no mercy. Talk about a major time suck. Am I painting, nope. Am I cooking, noooooo. Cleaning, HA! NO! I've spent copious amounts of time farting around on this dang thing.

Here are a few things that owning one of these evil gadgets has taught me about myself:

1. I need written instructions: Did you know they don't come with written instructions? They don't and I don't deal well with "here watch our instructive video" obviously because it took me 2 days just to figure out how to sync the music on my computer with this thing.

2. I have no self-control: turns out I am a music whore. I just didn't know this about myself. JR has always been the music hound in this house. I've spent years mocking him about his constant need for more albums, CDs, and stereo equipment. Who knew I could run through a $15 itunes gift card in less than 5 minutes. Then loaded up another one faster than a crack addict coming down from a high does a needle.

3. Time means nothing: I have spent way too much time downloading CDs onto my computer so I can sync them with my iTouch. Figuring out how to load my work email onto it then checking my email obsessively. Don't even get me started with Apps. Did you know that there are free Apps? I've downloaded more useless apps then Carter has pills. How come I thought I needed Epic Chef Wars or The Home Depot ad finders is beyond me. What's worse? I have no idea how to delete them.

4. I have pudgy fingers: I can't seem to type anything on this thing without it looking something like this; kolr rgoa. With texting it is all in the thumbs. I have developed terrific eye - thumb coordination. With my freakishly too pudgy index fingers I will now have to develop eye - pinky finger coordination. I see nothing good coming from that I can tell you.

So if you get one of these things for Christmas just know that it can lead to serious ruin.

And, if you figure out how to get those free apps off I'd be much obliged.



  1. I got one of those this week, too, and I swear to you, I was up well past midnight today loading free apps on it. I think I have 12 different list making apps on it right now, so I definitely need to figure out how to get 11 of those off! Honestly, that task is on one of my to do lists now!

  2. I don't know if the itouch is the same or not, but with the iphone, if you hold your finger on one of the apps until they all start shaking, little black "x's" appear in the top left corners of the apps. If you then touch the "x" of the app that you want to delete, a message pops up asking to confirm the deletion. Say yes and pesky app is gonzo.

  3. Well at least there's no porn in there yet? Bright side?

  4. Hello, my name is Beth. And I'm addicted to my iTouch.

    The Nike app is one of my favorites. It tells me how far I run AND how many calories I burned. Of course, then I just eat something to undo any good I've done.

  5. My 3 year old is also addicted. I'm considering an intervention, but should I invite Elmo?

  6. It's a good thing I didn't ask Santa for one of these this year - I'm worse at instructions than you! I still want my Smartphone but there are too many from which to choose, so I'll put it off a little longer. Wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Hugs and blessings.

  7. I got an iPhone last August and it changed my life, honestly.

    I cannot use written manuals so I don't care that there isn't one.

    In case no one has told you how to remove apps.....Just keep your finger on ANY app icon. They will all begin to wiggle and show and X in the upper left corner. Hit the X of the one you want to delete, it will ask you if you want to rate it, hit yes or no, it will then go away and you just click the button on the bottom to go back to normal, without the deleted icon. Easy peasy.

  8. I think I'm the only person in America who doesn't own an iAnything. I'm iJealous.

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