Monday, December 21, 2009

VOTE! For Your Favorite Title

On Wednesday I asked for titles for this photo because:

It's crying out for one.
It is too dang funny to go without one.
It's in black & white.
The guy is wearing a suit coat and has guns stuffed in his pants.
It is social commentary on the early 20th century in Houston, Texas
It deserves a clever title.
I'm not clever.
And you all are.

You didn't disappoint.
There were so many clever titles.
For awhile I thought Jen was going to walk away with the prize
but Matt-Man, Vinny, and Casey stepped up to give her some competition.

Now head over to Survey Monkey to vote for your favorite.
(and it is perfectly okay to vote for yourself. No one will know but me and I won't tell. Truly, I won't.)

Click here to take survey

It's only one question so it won't take too long.
Don't you hate surveys that suck you in then take like forever to complete?
This one isn't like that.
I promise.
Seriously, it's not.

Come back after you take the survey to tell me if you liked handling it this way.



  1. Cute way to do it, Michele, and I didn't even vote for myself!

  2. Totally torn between a couple of those.

  3. I hate survey's so this was a good way to do it.


  4. There were some funny captions there.

  5. Well gosh, that was fun. You do have some clever readers, don't you?

  6. I voted for myself, of course. If only People's Sexiest Man Alive board would allow me to do that. Cheers Michele!!

  7. 30 day shred? Ok, I'll stay about from that one.