Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RTT - Whatever You do Don't Break the Spine

Hi Kids!
What time is it?
It's Random Tuesday Thoughts time!


OMG, am I that old?
Don't answer that.

The Boy thought this was hilarious. I don't get it. Who would want to break the spine on a book? That is so wrong!

Okay, I lied. I do get it. But, I fail to see that it is funny. Okay, it's a little bit funny.

It has alternated being rainy and sunny here. I'm hoping that that is not the pattern for the rest of the winter. I've become the biggest wuss since living in Arizona for 3 winters. I like the sunshine and warm for the whole winter. Not just a day or two at a time. I know that those of you in the northern climes will not sympathize with me but tough. I spent forty + years in the Pacific Northwest. I don't do rain and 40 degrees anymore.

The verdict is in. I am a spaz.
Case in point: if there is a sharp surface on anything I will find a way to cut myself on it.
Knifes: pleeeese.....daily.
Paper: Yeah, whatever.
Cardboard: Check.
Scissors: Yep, I'm all over that one.
Saws: What did you expect. Of course.
Foil on the wine bottle: Give me a break. Twice a week occurrence.
Foil gum wrapper: (shaking my head sadly) I even cut my finger on these. And, I regret to say more than once.

So, that clinches it; I am totally spazolicious.

Here are a couple of old house on Meeting Street in Charleston, South Carolina. They are for sale. You can't really tell from the pictures that they are in a sad state of disrepair. Peeling paint, rotting piazzas, crumbling gardens. It is pitiful.

Anyone or six of you want to go in on one?
Because I truly can't afford that.

That's it for me. And, I didn't even injure myself. Go figure. Want more randomness? There's enough to go around, honest. Head over to Keely's place. It's where all the cool kids are. And, then there's me. The one with all the bandages on her fingers.



  1. how did you cut yourself on a foil gum wrapper??? boy that's funny:):):)
    Happy Tuesday!

    * my random thoughts are up too:)

  2. Oh good...I'm not the only spaz. I seem to attract those kinds of cuts, too. Well, except you do have me beat on the saw and foil gum wrappers... ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  3. A gum wrapper? Now thats talent!!!
    Maybe if you lived in a colder climate you wouldnt cut yourself so often? Come visit us this winter and see if it helps ya out!!! lol
    With the climate in were spoiled rotten! My mom is thinking about becoming a spoiled one too with renting down there for a couple months. Spending time with her sisters AND getting away from the cold! sounds like a plan to me!

  4. One of the problems of living downtown Charleston is maintaining the house. You have to do the work to the historical societies standards and it can be quite pricey. I would totally go in on one with you though.

  5. You cut yourself on a foil gum wrapper? Yes, we MUST have been separated at birth. I trip on flat surfaces. You think I jest, but you'd be wrong; talk about a daily occurrence.

    At first glance, I thought you said those houses had rotting pizzas. Yeah, menopause has stolen my brain and replaced it with gray hair.

    Oh, and may I thank you again for the "We Can Afford That!" game. Beloved and I are enjoying it. Quite a bit, actually.

  6. I hate when the binding on a book is broken. When I read my books, I barely open them so I don't crack the spine. That's actually pretty dumb, now that I think about it.

  7. I would love to have a house like those . . . However, I would NOT love to be responsible for cleaning a house like those.

    Happy Tuesday!

  8. I have cut myself on gum wrappers too. So sad.
    Yup, those houses are pitiful. I would never take a money pit like that on. :-)

  9. A gum wrapper...that's a new one.

    I hope someone buys those old house and treats them they way they deserve.

  10. When I take my littlest to pre-school I usually hang out at the library (same building) so I can write and not spend far too much money on expensive coffee. Anyway, I've been having problems locating info on this obscure little town in northern Manitoba I decided to crash a space ship into and I asked the librarian for some assistance. Actually no, I only asked about a topographical atlas. She asked what it was for and after I told her she was SO HELPFUL I wanted to hug her but decided that might have been taken as inappropriate and this is now a long comment and a run on sentence to boot but I'm not stopping because I'm on a roll and anyway I just wanted to say that librarians are awesome.

    The End.

  11. ha. we're twins. I can't even use a sharp knife; only the hubs is allowed.

    That is most definitely not a funny cartoon.

  12. 1st) Breaking the spine of a book is a crime in our house. Even ripping the dust cover can get you in serious trouble.

    2nd) I can deal with cold winter, just not cold AND wet at the same time. Cold and sunny is okay.

    3rd) How many bandaids do you go through a week?!?!

    4th) What a shame the houses are run down. I suppose it has something to do with heritage listing requirements?

  13. I cann't hurt a book either. And I want a real book, not an electronic book. I want to hold it and turn the pages and put it down and flip backwards and read in the tub (yes I read in the tub). I just want a REAL book!


  14. I'll go in on the house with you. I'm a spaz too and now on top of my normal spaziness, I have two kids injuring me daily. Like jumping on my new boobs and slamming my hand in the fridge door. Jerks.