Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ma, Look What I've got!

I found this in our 1949 Houstonian yearbook.
I just couldn't pass up the chance to show it to you.
The poor thing.
Buried in the middle of the yearbook.
It deserves better than that.
Because it is too dang funny.

I think I know what it needs.
It needs a title.
If you've got a title for this photo leave a comment?
You are all so much cleverer than I am.

I could make this a contest but to tell you the truth I've got nothing to give away.
Plus, there is that new FCC crap going around.
I'd hate to get in trouble with the feds.
In fact, I'm hoping they don't catch up to me for that incident back in the 70s.
Is there a statute of limitations on interstate commerce violations?
Not that that is what I did or anything.
I'm just asking.

So, you'll have to accept my gratitude in lieu of gifts.
Give this hilarious drawing a title.


PS. Just in case the citation police are looking at my blog; bite me. Mr. C you were some funny guy.


  1. "Where is Eddie? He usually eats these goddam things."

    ~Clark Griswald~
    [Christmas Vacation]
    this IS a cute one. where does it come from? the artwork looks a little like Herge's Tintin (kinda)


  2. "Somebody call up Richard Gere - we're gonna have us some fun tonight! Armageddon!!"

    Yes, I'm bad and I know it.

  3. Thats an old looking kid!

    "Gotcha ya wascally wabbit"

    Yes, I know its a squirrel. Its just the first thing that came to mind!!!

  4. "I may not be able to get beaver, but at least I got some tail!"


  5. I love that spurs were necessary, but a shirt wasn't.

  6. "Just a little brush clearing down on Crawford."

  7. Hey Dad is this a poop or a squirrel? okay, HORRIBLE. i know

  8. It's so special I'm at a loss.

    FCC thing?

  9. OMG, I lost my train of thought when I read Jan's comment.

    Where do you find this stuff, that picture is super cool.

  10. FCC crap? What the...?

    Love the spurs.