Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Can Afford That!

Another edition of houses that I may be able to afford.
This is the game that JR and I play while driving around the countryside.
To find out the rules of this game click here.

This beauty stands in the quaint little town of Merlin, Texas.
It may be a little out of my reach since it's roof and gingerbread trim are still in good shape.

Hey, a girl can dream.

Right next door is this cute little sweetie.
Location, location, location.

And right next door to the first two is this diamond in the rough.
It's period style shines through with the galvanized pipe porch rails and the vines growing up and into the house.
Folks, you can't get this kind of character in a new home.

But, the one that is sure to be mine.
The one that I yearn for
The one that calls to me

Is this one

Oh Yeah, I can so afford this.
Or maybe not.
Is that glass I see in the windows?
Damn it!
Too rich for my blood.



  1. I love that you guys play this game. Due to the craptastic economy, there are all sorts of gems rotting away and abandoned around here. Seriously, REALLY nice houses just sitting there falling apart, it makes me think there was an apocalypse or something and I'm the only one still alive. Unfortunately, not the case.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for this game - Beloved and I have taken it and just RUN with it on our scenic drives. It is a blast, and has even usurped Cow Rummy, which we used to play obsessively.

  3. Damn! I forgot about that game! Big K and I could have played it this week in NH.

  4. a realtor in this market I have been showing a lot of property that doesn't look much better than those! Some house I kicked the door open with my foot 'cause I'm 1) not touching anything 2) not sticking my face in there without seeing what's on the other side!

  5. Wait, Mark and I are looking for a new house- do you know if any of these have a pool?

  6. Funny! I've always kind of done that with houses, thinking, I could so fix that place up and make it cozy and be happy there...
    Your game is more fun.

  7. Just knock the glass out! I'm sure they'll take a little off the offer!

  8. How many quaint little houses are sitting around in various states of decay in your region!? We only see this sort of thing if we go way, way outback. In our regular drives we see an occasional forlorn chimney or hay shed, but most materials are recycled and reused for the next home.

  9. Ha!!! I cracked up at that last one. The first is actually super cute. Too bad it looks like a stiff wind will blow it down.

    Do you ever read It's Lovely, I'll Take It? If not you must go there. It's so hilarious.

  10. Yeah, you have to be careful, they'll hand out mortgages to anyone these days, even if you can't afford the payments. Glass? C'mon.

  11. I love these, so much. I might have to start playing. I'll give you props, of course.