Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We could afford that

JR and I have this quaint little thing that we do everytime we go on a back road trip. Okay, so we have more than one quaint (read strange, unusual, quirky) thing.

There is the deal we made a few years ago that states; Jr will stop at all historical markers, plaques, and signs so I can get my history fix in exchange I will happily go to any brewpub he comes across and will drive after the third.

Another little game we like to play while driving along country roads is one called: "We could afford that". The object of the game is to spot broken down old houses and be the first to say: "we could afford that".

These can't just be any old dilapidated house. No, No, No, they must be falling down, listing to the side, have no glass in the windows, and roofs falling in preferably with grass & bushes growing on what's left. A really prime specimen has birds roosting in them. OMG, there is nothing better than seeing a turkey vulture perched on the top. We swoon over that sight.

Since, JR couldn't be with me last weekend while touring around the Indiana countryside my wonderful friend Terry stepped up. She had never played this particular game before but she got right into it. Spotting broken down pieces of crap right and left. Bless her heart (and I mean that in the nicest way not that other way. Any of you Southerners will know what I mean).

This is the first of the houses we could afford:

Notice the boarded up windows and sagging roof. Isn't it lovely? Since, the roof hasn't totally caved in yet it may be a little rich for our blood but we might be able to swing it.

This is the second house in Browns county Indiana that we could afford:

You can't really tell from this picture but there are bushes growing on the roof of the little added on room. This is a definite 2 story house compared to the other one above but this one is in a little worse shape. Making it probably a little more affordable.

The third house that we found that we could afford is this one:

Terry found this one.
This is an in-town house. Yes, my friends, that is real gen-u-ine glass in them winders and curtains, mind you. Check out the metal roof peeling up on the left side. Sweet! The real show stopper of this beauty is how it is listing to the left. Yes, sirree we could afford that!

Love from your cheapskate friend,


  1. I love the "We could affor that" game.

    I'm playing it next road trip.

  2. I like that game! And it completely fits this week's spin cycle on quirks. You want in?

  3. Ha! That's hilarous. Turkey vultures? Were you kidding about that part? I'm not sure what kind of weird creatures you guys actually have down there....

  4. You should take a road trip to Kentucky. You could afford the entire town!

  5. The second house had real character. We also love driving through the countryside, but I like to explore all the little deserted churches and graveyards. One day I am going to write and illustrate (phorography) my own book on the subject. There's just a Half-dozen objects sapping all my creative engery at the moment. (And now I'm off to make an easter bonnet.)

  6. What a great game!! Travel along hwy 12 and 20 in NE. There are all kinds of them places that have stories to tell if only walls could talk!
    My family always wants to go peek in them. We never do but they never stop begging either!

    Love the old log ones with the chinking still in some places. First one reminds me of the cabin we hope to build. I sure hope it doesnt lean like the last house! LOL

  7. I think the deal that you and JR struck up was genius. I love little dive bars, Jamie and I used to stop at them whenever we came across one. Of course, this was before kids.

    Those houses sure are fixer uppers, just what people look for these days.

  8. Ooh, I love your game!

    And there is an old farmhouse not far from me that you could DEFINITELY afford. I would love for someone to move in and fix it up, though I don't think it's going to happen.

    Love the daffodil pics.

  9. I'm kinda partial to the one with the bushes growing on it.

  10. you have to stop by my parent's neighborhood. Beautiful houses and then one that is right up your alley

  11. Ha! We did that in Tennessee! There were tons of those crazy houses and people were living in them!!!!

  12. A couple of those houses I would love to have. I would love to fix them up to fit a pioneer spirit and then retire there.

    Now, Terry, would never go for that thought, but I could.


  13. My husband and I found ourselves driving through rural West Virginia once and ended up playing, "What can these people possibly do for a living????"

    There was nothing around for miles that could explain their probable employment.

  14. We play something like this when we go on vacation. We look at places we really would like to live and talk about what kind of job we would have to have to afford the place. It's kinda fun. Love the house photos and comments.

  15. Unfortunately, being in Southern California, even the most horribly dilapidated rat-hole is out of our price range.

  16. I love road trip games. Yours sounds like a lot of fun. I miss everything about road trips. You can only drive around an island so many times.

  17. I love that game! We will start playing it immediately...heaven knows there are alot of possibilities around here! LOL

    Great post!

  18. I think those dilapidated old houses that you could afford are SO GORGEOUS. I've always had an affinity for old, abandoned buildings. Thanks for the spin!

  19. Yeah us Indian people didn't know how to build good, so we just spit on it hoping it would stand.
    Actually, when you are not inside the bigger city limits, you do not need a permit to build (Only Indiana). So people would build whatever they pleased. It would only last so long.

  20. Wow, you have no idea how much I love those houses. I'm such a freak.

  21. I loved this! And now I miss Ohio. I'm in Florida now, but I used to really enjoy driving around the midwest country side looking for dilapidated houses and old barns. *sniff* nostalgia...