Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waiting For........

It is hard to put into words what I am waiting for most.

My new furniture.

My vast array of kitchen stuff.
I'm really looking forward to getting into the kitchen again.

My wonderful puppies.

The Boy.
Who sent me the sweetest text message for Mother's Day.
Cheaper than a card.
That's my Boy!

Or this man.
Hands Down!
It would have to be this man.
Hurry, JR!

Stick with me now. It will be only 4 more days folks and I'll stop whining.



  1. that is a whole of lot of excitement just around the corner. I'd be a sad panda to go this long w/o my man and a coffee pot.

    And the new furniture looks super inviting!

  2. Hey - I've got that KitchenAid mixer, only mine is black.

    Counting down with you, dear. Just 4 more days!!

  3. Are they on the road? Oh, JOY! Excitement!

    And red furniture is just so YOU!


  4. May the next five days go by like lightning for you!

  5. You forgot JR's kitteh!! LOL!!

    Lurv the red couches - info on 'em, purty pleeezzee??

  6. I'm so glad you will finally be reunited with all your stuff and people and puppies. That was a long time to be without them.

  7. Hi gang: Update. We chose to get the sofa set in a sandy beige color. JR & I agreed that over the long term that would be the best one to go with. Secretly I think we both wanted the red.

  8. I love my couch and my kitchen aid mixer. I'd be a bit lost without them.

  9. Hey you've got like a whole day less to wait now!!!

    Keep on hanging on!

    The red sofas make me drool...but I am sitting on my beige sofa even as I write this, so you know what I would have gone with.

  10. Michele -- Love your new furniture! I know you won't feel complete until you get your family and your stuff back together! Good luck.

  11. I love red couches. We have two of them and I'd never go with another color again. Well, until I'm old and required to go with all wicker.

    Four days seems like nothing after all of the time you've spent apart lately but I'm sure you're dying to see JR.

    Just saw your update about the beige couch. Boooooooooo!

  12. I'd miss those puppies too! I cry when mine are gone for a day!