Thursday, May 14, 2009

I wanted to be Postmodern but have a funny feeling I'm Sureal

According to Wikipedia (yeah, and we all know how authoritative that website is.) Art period n. A phase in the development of the work of an artist, groups of artists or art movement.

I thought about this today and wondered if I could apply the same principal to my life or at least where I am in my life right now. Deep huh? That would be me, deep. HA! More like deep shit.

Then I looked it up. Did you know there are like eleventy million art periods. Not one of them is the lazy period. So, I was going to have to read through all of them to figure out what would fit best for my life right now.

Now Metarealism appealed to me: "Metarealism is synonymous to metaconscience, which means beyond psychological consciousness, beyond a subjective psychological polarized view of reality. Metarealism seeks to depict the reality which exist beyond that psychological subjective perspective. Metarealism proposes not only to communicate further than the pictorial aspect of the perception of other dimension of reality, but also the essence of those dimensions and their relation to us as human beings. Metarealism then becomes a tool for the evolution of consciousness; just like in the old days artists painted sacred art to depict their vision of the reality they perceived, through their spiritual interpretation of other dimensions."

Any ism where I don't have to be conscious would work for me but than this doesn't say Metaunrealism. If it said Metaunconsciousness than they would be speaking my language.

Now, some days I feel tonal. This would make these periods in my life Tonalism. Tonalism (about 1880 to 1915) is an artistic style that emerged in the 1880s when American artists began to paint landscape forms with an overall tone of colored atmosphere or mist. Dark, neutral hues, such as gray, brown or blue, would usually dominate such compositions. Since, I have few bouts of real depression I would have to say that I'm Minimal-Tonalistic.

I can relate to the academic art portion of the description of Art Nouveau. Not the young part unless they have an Art Vieux (art old) but I didn't see that on the list. It is the organic floral, highly-stylized part that I can relate to.

The name 'Art nouveau' is French for 'new art', it is also known as Jugendstil, German for 'youth style', named after the magazine Jugend, which promoted it, and in Italy, Stile Liberty from the department store in London, Liberty & Co., which popularized the style. A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly-stylized, flowing curvilinear forms.

In my work life I would best be described as: A Digital Artist: More generally the term digital artist is used to describe an artist who makes use of digital technologies in the production of art. Digital artists are artists who make digital art using computer graphics software, digital photography technology and computer assisted painting to create art .

If we put this all together my life can best be described as: Metaunconsciousnessism stage with undertones of Minimal-Tonalistic, Art Vieuxist in the academic art style and a digital artist.

That is just a mouthful. Why don't we stick with lazy-ass old crazy flower computer geek. Ok, that fits.



  1. I really need to take a art history class.

    I love wikipedia.

  2. "Lazy-ass old crazy flower computer geek."

    Hmmm. Something else we have in common besides cooking.

    If someone were going to define my life as an art the Sunday funnies count as an art style?

    I love Wikipedia. If Wikipedia says something, it MUST be true.

  3. You goof! Thanks for the laugh!


  4. Art shmart. It's all Greek to me.
    ZING! :-)

  5. I think a little blood just came out my ear.

  6. What the Cap'n said. All that thinkin' an' stuff made my hair hurt.