Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who knew what monks eat!


Well, it's that day of the week. The day we all get to be random and stuff. I'm fairly random to start with so this is a day that makes my life complete. This day and cheese. Can't forget my love of all things cheese. Mmmmmm....cheese.

  • I've been gone for 5 days and the house doesn't look too bad. JR is a serious vacuuming fool. I should probably pay him real money because I just don't think that food and sex are enough for what he does around here.

  • I left a ton of leftovers in the fridge for the guys to eat while I was gone. A good bit of it is still there. That means that my checking account has paid a high price for my absence.

  • I have two choices about the above mentioned leftovers. 1. They become tonight’s dinner or 2. They become science experiments in my fridge. Since, I’m probably one of the cheapest people around they will be dinner.

  • So, dinner is pasta with creamy goat cheese and sun-dried tomato sauce made from the spread I made before I left and a corn and bell pepper salad from the corn in the there that needs to be used before it gets that weird milky film on it. What is that stuff anyway?

  • What do Tibetan monks eat for lunch? I'll tell you. They eat Mac & Cheese. That's right, Mac & Cheese. Had lunch with the monk at the Tibetan Monogolian Buddhist Center in Bloomington, Indiana last Sunday and that is what we ate. BTW, great mac & cheese.
  • I thought the monk was going to kill himself or the strange guy next to him with his eating utensil. I mean, if monks actually killed people that is or if he was using something other than a spoon to eat his mac & cheese with.
  • I wanted to kill the strange guy. He would not shut up about his not being able to completely hit his thoughtless meditative state. I wanted to scream; "If you shut the hell up maybe you could reach that state, you moron!" Then, poke him in the eye with my fork.

You all have a nice day. Play nice and play random over a Keely's place.




  1. If I won the lottery, I would hire you to make me a cookbook of all your recipes and then cook them for me. You eat so well! Even your leftovers sound better than what I'm serving tonight!

  2. OK, a goat cheese and sundried tomato pasta sounds OMG delicious!!!

  3. I really need to find a way to get you here to cook for me. I would go veggie for a week just to get you here. YUM!!!

    PS - Monks must know something. Mac & cheese rocks!

  4. Day two of the diet and you're pushing cheese on me. It's ok, I'll resist for at least another day.

    You would die if you saw the amount of food we throw away around here. I'm not proud of it but it happens. Please ask the new bosses if you can work out of my house in Tampa and keep my fridge in line.

    BTW, Graham had mac-n-cheese last night for the first time since his insomnia days and guess what? He was up all night and refused to nap today. I'm thinking Kraft was his problem. Grr.

  5. Poking someone in the eye with a fork induces a thoughtless state. Or at least, a mantra: owowowowowowowowowowowowowOW!

    That's what you left them to eat and they ate out instead? Ingrates.

  6. I would really like to see a photo of the dinner you concoct from the leftovers - my mind just couldn't imagine it.

  7. Let me add my voice to the chorus of those who have said they'd hire you to be their chef! I think what you made with the leftovers sounded fantastic, and it makes me wonder what I am going to scrounge up with the next to nothing in the fridge tonight for supper!

  8. Would you put together a cookbook and let us buy it?