Thursday, March 19, 2009

Change of Venue

I'm not here today (don't cha' love scheduling posts). Today, I am winging my way across the country. I'm going to spend some quality and some not so much quality time in Indiana. I'll send pics. I'll be spending the weekend with my district court judge friend. We'll have to leave the county to get into real trouble. That's doable.

We'll most likely head down to Browns county to party. If I met up with John Mellencamp down there I'll try to snap a pic, after I snatch his 40th cigarette out of his mouth, stomp on it like a nasty bug, and lecture him about the evils of smoking, that is. Actually, in the years that I lived there I never met up with him so my brush with semi-greatness never happened and probably won't this trip either.

I put the finishing touches on my keynote last night (while cruising all your blogs, can I multi-task or what?) so with the correct application of wine and xanax it should come off without a hitch. Would beer be better? I mean it seems like a more breakfasty beverage. My speech is at 8:30 am. I could do both. That would make it a full meal right? A grain and a fruit. Let's call it the continental breakfast of champions.

Now, for a few deets on the new job.

I've accepted a job with the University of Houston Libraries. The wonderful people at the University fell for my line of totally accurate and incredible skills set (BS) and hired me to be their Digital Projects Program Director. Good for me, maybe not so good for them (we'll see). I kid, I'm very excited about the challenges this job will bring. The job is about the same thing I'm doing now just more of it. More responsibility, more staff, more of everything.

I will have made a full circle, started out as a WSU Cougar and will now be a University of Houston Cougar. Karma? I think so.

JR seems to think that we are on a quest to change red states to blue (sounds like a country western song). It worked with Indiana, not so much with Arizona but more than they have ever voted blue. I doubt our success will bleed over into Texas. They have all those Bush characters living down there. I'll just let JR live his little dream of democrat conquest.

Last but not least, JR and I are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary today. Yeah, I know I'm on a plane right now but we don't need to be in the same state (literally or figuratively) to celebrate. Whatever, here's my last years post about this event.



  1. Hey, you'll be right next door to Ohio. Stop by, I'll share a meatless meal with ya.

    Congrats again on the job, and I bet all the younger guys at U of H see you as a cougar. Cheers Michele!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I think beer is a breakfasty drink, considering it has yeast, and yeast is breakfasty too.
    Enjoy your time in Indiana and good luck on the new post!

  3. Happy anniversary! And congrats on the new job!! That's awesome!

  4. New things are coming your way! Now you get to look for another house, practice shopping in a new city. Houston is huge!

    But on a side note, my Momma's people are all from Texas and from what I know of them and thier friends and the counties they live in, they are ALL Dems.


  5. Ha! You're a cougar!!! I'm laughing!

    Have fun! I'll be a little ways south of you in TN watching cars go around in a circle.

  6. Congrats on 26 years - that's wonderful. I hope to reach that milestone someday.

    And new job sounds great and enjoy your flight.

  7. Happy anniversary! and good luck with the speech AND the new job.

    I say go with mimosas for breakfast--that's the perfect morning alcoholic beverage!

  8. Happy Anniversary and congrats again on the job!

    And I know you will knock them dead, especially with the help of vitamin X. LOL.

  9. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the new job. You are one librarian I would love to meet. (The ones here are scary!)

  10. You're going to do great at the new job and I hardly believe that the lines you fed them were BS. Happy Anniversary! Partying with a judge? Does he/she have a get out of jail free card? Hardy har har. I hope you have a great time and live it up, you cougar you.

  11. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! Have a safe, and more importantly, FUN, trip!
    PS. I'm a republican. Sorta.

  12. Changing red to blue is a great goal! Good luck, and have a wonderful anniversary.

  13. Have a grand time in IN!!!

    Sounds like your new job is the perfect fit for you!

  14. Caesars are a breakfast drink. Beer is more...mid-morning.

    Happy anniversary!

    (btw my word verification is 'boring'. I think Blogger is dissing you...or possibly me).

  15. Congrats on both the anniversary and the new job - how exciting!!