Wednesday, March 19, 2008


25 years ago today Jon and I married in our hometown church. I remember what I was thinking as I walked down the aisle. "How upset would Jon be if I just ran out the side door?" I should never have told him that a few years later because the first thing he said to me this morning was, Happy Anniversary, I'm glad you didn't run out the side door". Yes, it was a sweet and endearing thing to say but dang I didn't need to be reminded! Over the years I sometimes wondered why he hadn't run out the side door. Maybe, he's not too bright or maybe he really loves me warts and all.

This weekend we are going up to the Seattle area to celebrate this occasion with our dearest friends and family. Most of who were at our wedding. Tonight Jon is going to transfer our wedding video to DVD, so we can torture our friends and ourselves with how we all looked back then. Jon isn't even sure if the thing would run considering that we haven't watched it since a week after it was taken. We had a friend take the video so during the wedding it looks like I'm marrying candelabra. I wonder if that was a sign. Jon is not much of a candelabra but he is one of the calmest people I know. Shoot! He puts up with me!

I’m hoping that he figures I’m worth the trouble of another 25 years because the last 25 have been pretty good and I really want 25 more.

I love you JR!


  1. You are so sweet! I'll just bet you are fun and fiesty and he adores you!