Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


In honor of my recent trip to Las Vegas I have put together a few random thoughts about sin city.

  • I did not realize that spray on pants were still in vogue. I was under the impression that they went out in the 80s. I guess not. According to my completely un-authoritative study, pants that look as if they have been spray on are in. White ones are the popular choice. Leads one to wonder why there weren't any panty lines or dark shadows (if you get my meaning. BTW, she wasn't a real blond) on the gal that I saw the white ones on. Of course, I would have needed JR and The Boy to be there to see her because they would have really been looking.
  • You would think that a $12 glass of Zinfandel would have tasted a whole lot better then the stuff I buy for $12 per bottle. I pretty much expected this drink to take me to Nirvana. Didn't happen.
  • A coupon for a well drink does not actually buy you a well drink. That takes another $2 plus tip.
  • Prostitutes hand out cards but not 2 for 1 coupons.
  • The slot machines no longer take coins. FYI, Excalibur Casino, you missed out on the 3 cents that my aunt and I were willing to drop into your coffers. Don't ever bitch to me about your gambling revenue losses. I was willing to do my part.
  • If a drunk homeless guy staggers into the middle of the intersection wearing baggie pants please expect said pants to fall down aroung his ankles. Causing those of us waiting at the light to advert our eyes and snicker for so long that we miss the light and people behind us start honking.
Well, that is my take on Las Vegas. Keely over at The Un-Mom is the keeper of Random Thought Tuesdays. Head on over there to check her and all the other participants out. It's well worth your time.



  1. I do love spray on pants!!
    $12.00 glass of Zin. Holy crap batgirl, I could have bought 2 semi-decent bottles for that price :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. I'm afraid of what a discounted prostitute would look like, but tough economic times call for tough, er, women..

  3. LOL! You've summed up Las Vegas so perfectly! :) Great Randomness! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  4. WHITE spray-on pants? I thought those were outlawed. I guess Vegas has always made its own rules.

    And 12 bucks for a glass of wine? Um, ouch.

  5. I've mastered Vegas. My husband and I take a roll of quarters to the slots and just put them in and hit cash out so it sounds like we're winning, and the server just brings free drinks the entire night. I love it there!

  6. I love Vegas, I love it love it love it. I miss it and probably won't see it again for another seventeen years. I'm glad they stopped taking coinage, as a germophobe (however it's spelled since I'm too lazy to look it up), I always felt dirty after reaching in to retrieve my quarters.

    Eww, jeans that tight, really? What's wrong with people.

    I hate walking down the streets in Vegas and having people tap their hands together to get your attention so they can give you their advertisements. Grr. Not actual hookers but the people they employ to get the word out that their hooches are for sale.

  7. Wow I soo wanna go to Vegas now! : )

    Great randomness!

  8. I'm with Casey on the coinage. Reaching in and clawing around to collect my meager winnings ruins the french manicure I get only for Vegas and the Bahamas (if I went to the Bahamas).

  9. I have never been to Vegas, but now I really want to go! Sounds like my kinda town!

  10. Were the said spray on pants covered in glitter? I have a pair just like it.
    I'm totally kidding.

  11. *lol* Now I want to go to Vegas! haha!

  12. Wow, I don't feel like I have to go now.

  13. Prositutes have cards?

    That's a new one to me.

  14. A homeless guy showed off his junk in the middle of an intersection????

    Somehow that's not nearly as offensive as the white spray-on pants!

  15. And even with all of is sooooo fun!!!

  16. No coins? Do they at least simulate the sound of coins dropping into the bin? That's half the fun of winning!

  17. I haven't been to Vegas in 25 years. I find it endearing to know the eigthies are still in over there.

  18. Oh my... I love your blog! You are the ultimate pick-me-up! Your witty posts keep me in stitches!!!


  19. So jealous..I've always wanted to go to Vegas. It sounds like bloggers mecca!

  20. Sounds like my kinda town. Cheers Michele!!