Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barbie and I are the same age this year

I just read today that Barbie turns 50 this year. I, too, will turn The Big 5.0. this year. Beyond our sharing a birthday year; Barbie and I are so much alike that we could be sisters.

Let me show you:

Babs and I were offered the same types of career goals. Nurse, Flight Attendant, and Junior Designer are not far off from Librarian. Notice that Barbie wasn't featured as the Senior Designer or the Airline Pilot or the Doctor.
WTF, Astronaut?
I don't think so!

This is Barbie's singer costume. Barbie and I have the same taste in gloves. Mine just don't come out very often. (Grown up son at home. Ewwwww.)

Barbie and I also wear the same shoe size. Having leprechaun feet is not all it's cracked up to be. When you are almost 50, hanging out in the kids department trying on shoes is somewhat weird. Other shoppers think you are someone's grandma or that scary stalker person. Not to mention the style issues.
Finding tennis shoe, you bet'cha.
Stilletos, not going to happen.
Barbie probably has her shoes made in Italy. The Bitch!

Barbie and I look totally alike
(as in we have skinny chicken legs that look as though they are toothpicks holding up our bodies. Whereas, Barbie's skinny legs hold up an hour-glass shaped figure; mine hold up a body that is shaped more like one of those fat pencils that you give to little children.)

Barbie and I both started out as blonds. I've chosen to embrace the fact that my hair has darkened over the years (with the advent of the silver streaks my hair is getting lighter again) Barbie has not.
I'd keep a space helmet over my head also if my hair looked as over-processed as Barbie's does. Barbie needs to have a serious talk with her stylist.

I so could have done this look when I was in my thirties (HA)

We have all had miss-steps in our lives (you know most of mine since I've over-shared on numerous occasions) and Barbie looks like she was'nt immune.

But, we've both put our lives back in order.

According to JR, I look just as good as Barbie does at almost 50. I think he's saying that in the hopes of getting lucky. Works for me.


p.s. all the nice Barbie pictures are courtesy of Mattel and the trailer trash Barbie is a Google image that I haven't got a clue who the clever person was that doctored it up.


  1. What kind of accessories doe Producer Barbie come with? A cell phone? Natch. Clients? A Starbucks cup?

  2. That 70's Barbie looks like she spent too much time in the tanning bed.

    I know some people who resemble "White Trash Barbie" but haven't cleaned up their act yet. Maybe I'll send them a link to your post so they know it's possible. If Barbie can do it, so can they.

    And what's with the Fonz in the stroller?

  3. That 80's astronaut outfit is killing me. It looks like David Bowie.

  4. I'm laughing so hard about this! Very cute. I remember my first Barbie. I was five years old and I HAD to have her. Remember her friend, Midge, or was it Marge? Anyways, I'll be 52 this year! So I guess Barbie came out when I was two. Sweet.

  5. LMAO! You and Barbie are a tad younger than me and we have absolutely no similarities. Great Post and welcome back.

  6. I was a Barbie fanatic when I was younger. Now the bitch just makes me jealous.

  7. This is a truly awesome post - it is a work of art.

    1986 was quite a year for barbie.

    2007 was slightly alarming through.

  8. I need to add a little modeling clay to my Barbie so we resemble each other a little more! Although we both have that look on our faces that says our feet are killing us. Enjoy your 50th year!

  9. You suffer from the Cinderella syndrome too? I get so tired of shopping in the little girls' section!! It's ok in the summer, for sandals - but try to find a decent loafer without a giant pink rhinestone in the middle or a big stupid flower glued to the toe!! So irritating!

    The Barbie of the 90s that I remember was one I affectionally called "slut Barbie" because she was sitting on a canopie bed - wearing a negligee. Inappropriate much, Babs?

  10. People like to blame Britney Spears for the reason some girls dress and act they way they do, but after seeing these pictures I'm going to blame it on Barbie. I never realized how skanky she is.

  11. Ah that Barbie....honest to God, never was a fan probably b/c I knew we'd never have anything in common

  12. Now I know why I've been coming back to your blog all these months - Barbie is my hero and now I know how much you resemble her!

    Seriously, I always loved Barbie, and my girls are Barbie mad now, but I've never seen some of those outfits! Still, I'll take Barbie over a Bratz doll any day.

  13. Are you as top-heavy, too? How do you function?

  14. What a great post! Thanks for sharing all the Barbies through history. At our house we had brothers and a preponderence of baseballs and blocks. But I remember coveting all my little friends' Barbies and dream houses (not to mention Midges and Skippers).

  15. I could not help but comment. I too have a 50th birthday this weekend and I am a librarian in Cleveland Heights Ohio. I was searching around for something fun for my facebook page. Love that you cited your sources!!!
    Happy birthday, and yes Barbies hair is overprocessed, that might be my angle!