Saturday, January 3, 2009

It could be the paint fumes talking

Some genius decided that the master bathroom in our house should be painted gray. No, not a lovely sophisticated dove gray but an ugly dark gray. Think battleship. Think elephant skin. Think Seattle winter skies. Yeah, like JR and I didn't move away from our friends and family in Seattle to get out of gray. I just couldn't take. any. more. gray! (I'm using the U.S. spelling of gray.)

Why is it that people that live in Seattle paint their houses gray? Does that make any sense? I don't think so.

So, every morning I stumble into the bathroom at 4:50 am eyes blurry, tongue fuzzy, hair wild to be met with gray. Unrelieved gray. Dark depressing gray. Thank the gods that we have a 3 foot by 6 foot window in our bathroom or I would have taken a razor to my wrists by now. No lie I would have.

After my whining and bitching for the last 13 months I wore JR's resolve down to a point where he said; "Fine dammit! Pick out some f**king paint and I'll help you paint the damn bathroom". Please don't think that the swearing is a sign of resignation this is just the way JR talks. Is it any wonder we have potty mouth children? I'm taking no blame for this. Just like having the kids is JR's fault.

This morning JR and I tromped down to 1 of our 2 favorite DIY stores to buy paint. I was stunned by the cost of a gallon of paint these days. $30.95. Sure, it's been 5 years since I had to buy a gallon of paint but this seemed a little much. Did we buy the caviar of paint or is this the going rate?

After priming the walls, (I wasn't going to try to try to cover that ugly dark gray paint with expensive pretty yellow paint.) JR and I started painting. What felt like a million hours later we finished. I had forgotten how much time it takes to paint around all the nooks and cranies that bathrooms are made of. I never want to be that close to my toilet again. For any reason.

The room is done. I love it. It is a sunny yellow that I'm hoping will brighten my mornings because 4:50 am is an ungodly hour to be awake. I need all the brightening I can get.


P.S. I just got a laptop cooler at Costco. The best $18.95 I've spent recently.
P.S.S. I've been working on a post about the importance of your pantry contents. Reviting stuff!


  1. Why, in God's name, does anybody arise at 4:50 am? I get up around 6:15 and that is awful, let alone 4:50.

    I'm glad you got rid of the grey, why would anybody paint anything grey, unless you DIDN'T want to see it?

  2. There's a 4:50am now?

    Oh, right, that's the time when Xander makes fussy noises and I pad over in my beslippered feet, pick him up and force him to snuggle with me for 3 more hours.

    Why in the name of all that's sacred would you get up then? A cheery yellow bathroom wouldn't even BEGIN to save me.

  3. 4:50 is when JR gets up for work. I'm up because I put his lunch together and he lets the dogs into our room. There is no sleeping through Nessa. Now that I think about it Jr's a cruel SOB.

  4. So where are the pictures? Gray is such a depressing color, yellow is so much better!
    It's 3:30 am here and I'm still up. I'm thinking of painting my kid's room gray so he might decide to actually sleep.

  5. The new paint sounds great. Yes show us that nice cheery yellow. I get up at 5 AM on workdays. It sure is nice not having to wake up to that cell phone alarm during my vacation this week!

  6. Your "new" room sounds lovely. And, listen, I'm usually up by then, too, so you are not alone. I love having mornings all to myself

  7. Sweet merciful heavens - how can you see anything, let alone the paint color, at 4:50 am - at that time of day all I can see is my hand slapping the crap out of whoever woke me up! Sunny yellow should help at least illuminate the way to the bath. We actually need to paint the outside of our house this year and I'm freaking out about how much that will cost - I don't climb up on ladders so it has to be hired out. Cheers.

  8. At least you got it painted. Mine has been waiting since September. I hate painting.

  9. I painted our guest bathroom hot pink and I am the WORST painter ever! 3 years later, it hasn't been fixed and it's still pink. I would rather have the grey!

  10. I completely agree with your views of gray at 4:50 in the morning, and the calamities of painting and getting close and personal with nooks and crannies. And the laptop cooler? John showed me one yesterday at Costco! Does it work that well? My lap has a semi permanent blush from the laptop!

  11. Sounds great! And now that you mention it, there are several nooks and crannies in the bathroom that I don't want to be that involved with. But maybe for some yellow paint I could.

  12. Oh, I'm so glad you got rid of the gray bathroom. Just reading about it was enough to stress me out. I do have a chocolate brown hallway, though. But chocolate is a happy color. Well, to me anyway. It's like truffles. And coffee beans. Mmmmmm. Gray, on the other hand, is like.....well, gray. Ugh.

  13. If the Coach woke me up at 4:50 am he would get the worse cursing of his life. He knows better. Even yellow paint would not help this gal.

  14. This grey you speak of is a horrendous color for any room...blecch. Yellow seems harmless enough but, I'm an ecru gal myself. Ecru gives the whole house a very sterile sanitarium-esque feel that I'm perversely comforted by.

  15. I hate gray/grey also! Hate it and brown, just can imagine living with one of those colors in my house!


  16. Need a picture of the lovely yellow!!!!

  17. I thought you said PANTY CONTENTS. I laughed out LOUD!

    Are you getting snow????

  18. Oh yeah. Seattle gray. I'm living it.

    I read your last line as 'panty contents'. I did the blogging equivalent of a double-take. ;)

    DOH!! I just read down and saw that Vodka Mom beat to me this joke! Oh well, I'm using it anyway. PANTY CONTENTS!!!