Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Glowing Bathroom

My bathroom started out this color gray. I changed it to this.

And, can you blame me? Every morning for a year I put my makeup on to that hideous color. God knows what I looked like. Probably some sort of scary clown (aren't all clowns scary?). Not that I wear all that much makeup. I am too lazy to wear anything but the bare minimum; foundation (menopausal remember, think blotchy. Not bitchy, that's blotchy. Alright it's bitchy too), blusher, and mascara.

The picture doesn't do it justice (6am everyone). It is actually a lot softer yellow.

This one is better. (The watercolor that I put there is one of my favorite paintings. Mostly because it is of my favorite flower (magnolia) and it took me forever to paint the damn thing. Watercolor is a b*tch of a medium. I doubt if I will keep it in the bathroom though. I don't think it will do very well in there. Watercolor and damp places; not a good mix. I'm just saying...)

This color is a cheerful, happy, "I'm up and ready to take on the world color." I'm none of those things so at least the bathroom should be.

It may be a wee bit too bright. Last night or early this morning I'm not sure when, I was in that place between dreaming and wakefulness when I looked over towards the bathroom to see it glowing. This. woke. me. up. fast. For a moment I thought aliens had landed in my bathroom. The unnatural glow was terrifying. Why any self-respecting alien would want to land in my bathroom was beyond me. This was my bathroom for God sakes! I barely want to be in there. It has a huge mirror! It's a frightening place where reality and age meet! Kind of like the Twilight Zone.

Turns out the street light shines in our bathroom window. Who'da thunk it? The gray must have deadened the light long before it could make it out the door.

While the paint fumes were still dancing around in my head. I convinced JR that the bedroom needed to be painted blue. That's right folks, another full day painting. Was I crazy? No, just high on paint fumes.

I thought the bathroom was bad with all it's nooks and crannies, corners and baseboards. Try the frigging bedroom. At least the bathroom ceiling is painted yellow (why would anyone in their right mind paint a bathroom ceiling gray? Oh wait, they painted the whole effing room gray.)

The bedroom started out all white. We being the semi-intelligent people that we are only painted the walls blue.

JR is in charge of roller duty. Why he gets the easy part is beyond me. Something about taping and height and "you are so much better at detail work", yada, yada, yada! The jerk wants to get back to watching the game and drinking a beer. I'm wise to his game.

I can't possibly make it easy on myself and tape the room off like a normal person. It's sort of a crazy quirk of mine (among dozens). I prefer to free hand it. I have my own little competition with myself. Can I do a whole room without getting paint on the ceiling, carpet, door frames or baseboard? The answer is; Yes.

Of course, half way around the room my right hand is a crippled useless appendage at the end of my arm. Do I leave that SOB of a room until my hand becomes functioning again? No way! That would be the wussy way to handle it. Not for me thank you very much. I switch hands. Some days it just pays to be ambidextrous.

After crippling both hands, my forearms and shoulders I was completely worthless at work yesterday. Good thing it was train the new cataloger day or I might have screwed something totally up. Good grief what am I thinking, I'm a librarian, how much damage can I do? It's not like someone will bleed to death if they don't get their book.

Isn't Nessa the photo hog? Not that any of these pictures are any good. She is the best thing about them. I really need to trim around her eyes so she can see.



  1. Great pics and I love your painting of the flower.

  2. Love your painting adventures. Who would have thought that wall color could affect outside light so much? (Hmm ... that sentence maybe didn't make sense but you know what I mean.) And congrats on an untaped painting job. I make a mess even when I do tape, so I'm impressed!

  3. Or better yet, get her to help you. Hold the paintbrush handle in her mouth or something.


  4. Paint is outrageously expensive!! Aliens in your bathroom? You got the cleaning fairies after all!! They just came in a different form this time!! LOL

    Nessa is soo pretty! And she seems to know it too.

  5. Your painting is wonderful! I love the color yellow so this is really great, and the dog is soooo cute!


  6. The yellow is nice. Our bedroom in our old house was that colour. Don't recall it glowing though. You should try waking up after a good snowfall. Then it looks like there's a spot light on your house.

  7. That magnolia is GREAT! But I agree, it needs to come away from the shower before it starts bleeding all over the place!

    Nessa does enjoy a photo shoot, does she not? She's adorable. Totally squishy. Gimme that dog!

  8. Adorable dog! Bet she loves to cuddle in that bed!

  9. Yellow is my favorite color and if I could get away with it my whole house outside and in would be painted yellow so I think your bathroom is lovely! I'd love to see a closer shot of your watercolor -- it looks gorgeous and obviously you are quite a talented artist. But Nessa is the scene stealer - what a precious pup!

  10. I love Nessa! She's beautiful.

    I like the gold color, very nice. And your painting is excellent!

  11. Great painting! I can barely manage a decent stick figure.
    I used to love to paint (the kitchen in our old house had been painted a total of SEVEN times... my favorite was the time it was purple)but after eight years of painting a different room every other month grew a bit tiring.
    Love yours- looks awesome!!!

  12. I LOVE your dog. Such a cutie!!!

  13. Beth: Thanks. She's a sweetie

    Cathy: untaped painting is about my only real talent.

    Ellie: I would have to pry the ball out of her mouth first.

    Kath: Cleaning fairies never occurred to me. I hope they come back. OFTEN!

    Linda: Thanks. I've never been one for yellow but I like this one.

  14. Capt: You can keep the snowfall. Had plenty when we lived in Colville, WA.

    HP: I love magnolias. JR & I went to South Carolina once. Nirvana.

    CCG: She's a cuddler all right. At 65 pounds she takes up the whole bed.

    C&B: Thanks, You can click on the picture and it should enlarge. If not let me know.

    Jeff: Thanks. Nessa thinks she's pretty special. I can't get out the camera without her butting in.

    Sammanthia: Thanks, it's one of my favorites. I didn't think I could paint pictures until this time last year. Weird huh? You painted you kitchen 8 times, oh my! JR would have killed me.

    Michelle: She is a cutie. We've totally fallen under her spell.

  15. Nessa is soooo cute!! I love the colors! Clowns are totall scary!!

  16. I can't believe you don't use painter's tape! That's talent. I use tape and STILL make a mess of it. I've got a project to work on soon (chalkboard and magnetic paint) but I'm dreading the detail work around the edges.

    Your bathroom looks great, I love sunny yellow! Oh and Nessa is a cute photo hog (dog).

  17. It looks great!!! Your water color is beautiful also. I am envious of both of your skills...I can't draw a stick person to save my life and if I try to paint, I ruin the carpet by splattering. Sad really...just zero talent in that area!

  18. DeeMarie: Cowns should be banned!

    Casey: I want to try chalkboard paint I'm just not sure where. YET! haha.

    MaryAnne: You can pick great shoes whereas I grab the handiest pair of Converse because I am shoe disabled