Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun Geek Stuff

I wasn't sure what I was going to post today but then this goofy thing showed up in one of the many tech blogs that I read everyday. You would think that I would have better things to do and you would be right. Only part of my job is to find cool stuff then pass it one to others. The other part is to collect library materials and coordinate our digital memory project.

Now, this doesn't really qualify as a library thing though while I've been writing this I've though of a couple of uses already.

If you haven't already seen this take a look. FeedJournal takes the rss feed from your blog then converts it into a PDF newspaper. Here's what mine looked like. Mind you, I went for the free version because at $59 bucks a month it is way out of my league. I could, of course, do my own with Publisher then convert it to a PDF. But, this was just a whole lot of fun and tons easier. I'm all about whats easy. In this case, laziness just works out better.

BTW, if you try to use Fireshot (a Firefox addon) to capture the image your firefox will crash. Or at least mine did. To get the image above I had to do some fancy foot work. You probably will have better luck.



  1. Okay that is super geeky cool. I'm going to have to try it fun...a shiny new toy!!!!

  2. Ohh!!!! Fun! Just what need! Something else to keep me on the computer! :)

  3. Well, of course I have to waste some time on that one now ;)

  4. RSS is da BOMB! In the case of the Firefox plugin, literally ;) .


  5. Wow, yes that's very cool. Thanks for posting about it!

  6. Neato! I never know what to expect when I venture over to your site. You always have such great life observations, books, and cool links.

    Thank you for your comments! I'm sorry for the gaps in my visits!

    Lacy & family

  7. That's pretty cool, thanks for passing it on. I like the geeky stuff too, don't worry.