Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Sorry about not posting for awhile. My mother was here for the last 6 days. If you read my post about the conversations I have with my mother you totally understand why it took all my energy to entertain her for the last few days.

She is leaving tomorrow. I'm not forcing her to leave. She had already planned to and no, we didn’t get the whole cell phone/voice mail thing worked out but I did get a chance to fix her email problem. Believe it or not she does have a spam mail box. She didn’t even have to pay for it. She thinks she’s getting a free service.

Guess where my email to her was? Yep, in her spam mailbox. She did have 142 other emails in her inbox most of which were spam. Those will now be going into her spam box which I set up to empty every 90 days. At least I pray to God they will because I really don’t want to endure the conversation that will occur if they don’t.

Jen at Sprite’s Keeper challenged us to state our New Year’s resolutions. I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions because that would mean I might have to work hard to achieve them. We all know I do not work hard if I don’t have to. Hard work is against my “be-as-lazy-as-possible” principal. Now, that I’ve stated my stand on resolution making I’m going on record as loving Jen (it’s not like that! Jeez you guys) I really like her and am willing to make some resolutions and actually not just be blowing smoke.

So here goes (and if they seem petty and easy there will be no complaining. Just saying….):

  1. I will no longer use credit cards. Granted, I will have to use them to travel but since I only travel for work I will get paid back within 3 weeks. I should probably restate this as we will be a cash based family. If we can’t buy it with cash we just don’t need it. Sure the credit card companies will be calling to see if we are still alive but I plan to thank them for their concern and keep living on cash.This won't be a big change for us since we've been on a cash only basis for the last 6 months.

  1. I’ll try to take less advantage of JR. The man is so good that I tend to take advantage of him. For example; I leave tons of dishes in the sink, he’ll do them. The icebox will get all nasty and sticky and he’ll pull everything out to clean it. The dog will shed enough fur to make a whole new dog; then JR vacuums. The only thing he won’t do is clean the bathrooms. He will probably have questions about my fidelity if I do too much so I’ll need to find the sweet spot on this issue. I don’t want him to worry for nothing.

  1. I’m going to try to provide the best access to the books, databases, and services at our library as possible. This means that I will have to spend less time on the emerging and digital technologies and more time on cataloging, reference, and public service. Since, I hate cataloging this will be a real sacrifice for me. The reason this is so important is when the economy takes a downturn library usage goes up. The public patrons need help with job searching, resume building, and skill development. It really is our job as librarians to help out as much as possible. Of course, all this is contingent on whether or not the local politicians fund libraries. It seems like the more we are needed the less money we get. Go figure.

  1. I’d like to lose 5 pounds. Sure, that may not seem like much but I’m short. 5 pounds is like 20 pounds to someone 4 inches taller. Out of all my resolutions this one will be the hardest. I know this because it means I’ll have to give up my 2 glasses of wine per night. That will be cutting 200 calories out of my diet, not quite enough to lose a pound a week but I'm willing to wait. I'm sure it will feel like I’m lancing a wound. I could give up guacamole, cheese or chocolate (horror, gasping for breath here) but we all know that is just not going to happen. Just saying it caused me to panic just a little.

So 4 are all I can commit to; anymore and I’d just be lying to you. Then I’d have to make a resolution to stop lying to you. The whole thing would then snowball out of control. I’d have to attend confusion which would be a problem since I’m not Catholic. The guilt would be enormous. I’m so neurotic now I’d hate to see what I’d be like if I fibbed just a little. My policy is total honesty. Saves me every time.

Everyone have a happy New Year,



  1. Welcome back stranger! For someone who doesn't do resolutions, those are some pretty lofty goals. Kudos to you. I have mine written and just cracked up when I read yours about taking advantage of JR... I have a similar resolution about doing the same with to Jamie. Guess we're mean wives, making the men do all the cleaning.

  2. Wait. I can't get past the first paragraph of your post which says your mother had more then 100 spam emails.


    I'm kinda stupid so...

  3. Casey: The nice ones let us do this to them. I knew I could spin this to sound like it is JR's fault.

    Charmaine: My mother is a major dork. Her & my stepdad sign up for everything.

  4. Oh, you are resolving to be nicer to your honey, too. You know that was on my list until I spent the day with Rowdy. After more hours of football than actually are in a day, I am thinking about removing that.

    As to #7 on your list, I will go to the library. Is there any public awareness group to join to help drum up business, so to speak?

  5. Impressive list. Don't cut back on the wine though, it's good for your heart.

  6. I am completely with you on #1. We've been cash based for the last year or so, and what a relief! And thanks, I think you're swell too.. (cue 70's sentimental music filler!) You're linked, Michele!

  7. #1 you don't have to be Catholic to be confused

    #2 Don't cut out the wine completely, but do drink no more than 1 glass per day, as Captian Dumbass correctly pointed out: it's good for your heart.

    #3 If you lose five pounds I will just have to fatten you up, so don't bother trying.

    Love, your DIL

  8. I'm short too, "all" I had to lose was 10 lbs. After December it's 13. Gah.

    Just have one glass of wine - sure, it'll take twice as long, but you SAID you were willing to wait. It's much harder to wait without wine.

  9. Very reasonable resolutions, and I wish you luck!!

    I used a credit card this Christmas, and it was the first time in forever. I hate having any debt other than our cars and our house. Ugh.

  10. Those are some amazing goals. I wonder if I should make some.....oh no I don't those resolutions.


  11. Michele,

    If you're serious about the 5lbs you know where to find me.

    In the meantime, here are a couple of things that might interest you:

  12. Great resolutions! I have some of the same ones! And I'm laughing about those spam emails.

  13. Would it be okay if I took total advantage of JR instead? I would love for someone to teach my hoosbeend to do stuff around the house.