Monday, December 29, 2008

I think my mom stole my cheese grater!

My mom and stepdad left this morning. We really enjoyed having them visit but all three of us said the same thing when they left; "now, we can have the house back" (Jeez, are we shallow). The disruption to our daily lives was unbelievable. I'm exhausted.

JR and I gave up our master ensuite to my mom leaving us sharing a bath with the Boy. We haven't shared a bath with him for over 5 years. I've decided that I never want to share a bath with 2 boys again. JR is bad enough. I can't tell you any one thing that the boys did to make me declare a "no sharing" attitude but I'm just not going to do it again.

Our house got so small so fast it was scary. For the 3 of us the house seems really big. When you put 5 adults in the same house, OMG! Then add all the Christmas crap; tree, decorations, extra food, etc.... It was all a bit overwhelming.

Last but not least....I can't find my cheese grater. I don't know where my mom put it but it is not in its proper location.

Which would be the kitchen, MOM!

First, I searched then JR searched then the Boy searched. Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch! My kitchen cupboards have never been so clean. I have come to the conclusion that my mom took it with her. I know her. She'd so do this. Just to screw with my head. Well, it's working damn it.

JR just informed me that the wine stopper is missing also. What's next? Our Washington State University bottle opener. She better not have stolen it. If JR can't open a beer to the Cougar fight song I just don't think he'll get over it. I know he won't enjoy his beer quite so much. He'll probably jump on a plane to Seattle to get it back. I better go count the silver and the towels because my mom seems to have developed a bit of kleptomania.

I de-Christmasfied the house today. Took down the tree and all the stuff. I hadn't planned to do this until New Years day but it turned out that I had time today after cleaning ALL the kitchen cupboards in search of the cheese grater. All that is left is the poinsettia and it will stay inside the house until it warms up in February. Then it is out to the garden until next year.

I'll be posting some cheap party/football watching munchies recipes tomorrow. Hopefully, that will give you some time to fit them into your food budget if you want. After last week's $42 hunk of beef, everything I make for the next month will be cheap.



  1. My mom and one of her friends used to play that game where they'd intentionally steal something small from each other's houses when they visited. Then they'd proudly display their loot at their own house for the next visit. I hope you find your bottle opener. We have the Homer Simpson one that says "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, BEER!" It's the best! Glad you got your casa back, I hate having people stay here...

  2. $42!!! For dead cow??? Shouldn't it still be mooing for that?

  3. YES! Let the recipes begin!!!

    Now trot you behind back to my blog and write your (pretending to be single) ad.

    Go ahead. Do it for the children.

    That's what I always say when I'm...serious. hee hee

  4. Casey: I'm obviously not a "me casa es su casa" kind of gal.

    Keely: Yes, it should have been mooing. After spending that kind of money I couldn't afford to buy wine. JR will never hear the end of it.

  5. Michele -- Thanks for the morning chuckle. The thought of your mom cleaning up your kitchen and then stealing your cheese grater and wine stopper is hilarious! Let us know if you ever find them.

  6. Aren't Mom's the best? You are brave, for I NEVER let anyone in my kitchen, not my mother, NEVER Terry's mother, not even my grown children. I like routine, routine is good. Finding things in the same spot forever is really good.

    Of course, if Terry were to EVER clean the refrig I could learn to let HIM help in the kitchen.


  7. I bet you'll find it where you least expect it! My mother "puts things away" when she comes over. I found my dishtowels in the hall closet one time. I'm still wondering where the logic behind that is!

  8. I was debating on leaving a crude 'your momma' comment...but I decided I better not. ;)

  9. It's nice to get your house back - I know it's difficult when we have friends visit because it changes your routine. Suddenly I can't run around in just a tee shirt and then someone else has the remote and, well, it's just so upsetting to my system. Be thankful your mom only snagged the grater and left you the toilet paper -- it could be worse. Cheers!

  10. Ohh....cheese recipes. Bring it on. The SlimFast can wait another week or so.

  11. My grandma used to visit my mom's house and rearrange everything. My mom has now done it to me too.

    I'm undecorating this weekend... I think. I'm hoping to unpack too! :)

  12. Your mom and my mom must be distant cousins, separated by birth or something. Did you get the cheese grater back yet?