Monday, December 8, 2008

Honest Crap (whoops that's scrap)

Awhile back Mum-me over at Our Aussie Half-Dozen gave me this lovely award. There are all kinds of rules and regulations of which I'll have a hard time complying with any of them. I would like to state that I did fulfill the first one, which of course, is linking back to the giver. Done!

Second rule is listing 10 honest things about yourself (10 seems a bit excessive. You really don't want to know 10 honest things about me. Let's go for 5). Gotta tell ya, I do this plenty every time I blog. Truth to be told, I tend to overshare. Here goes......

1. I'm menopausal. (didn't I tell you I tend to overshare.) Since, this is such a rotten stage in my reproductive life for a whole lot of reasons I plan to use it to it's full potential. That's right folks! If I want to bitch/whine/cry/laugh uncontrollably I'm going too. If I wake up in the middle of the night with night sweats JR will just have to be awake also and like it! If my face turns bright red in the middle of the day, I warn you, Do. Not. Mention. It! I will bite your head off then probably piss on it.

2. I'm cheap. Or as I like to say frugal. I actually have a dollar limit for each meal. Yep! Dinner per person per meal will not exceed $1.50. I challenge myself to keep this down to $1.00. All the while, I try to serve different, interesting, and tasty meals. No easy task. I started doing this in the mid-90's and I have yet to raise the dollar limit. Lunch = dinner leftovers $0; breakfast = egg & toast or oatmeal $ .25. You get the idea. I even have an alcohol limit but really see no need to adhere to it because it's not a meal. You may ask why it doesn't fit in the plan. Because, I said so damn it and I make the rule. Don't push me on this! (see #1).

3. I'm a geek. I love software mostly and free is even better. (see #2) Photoshop I love you!

4. I suck information. Why does that sound dirty? It's not. I love to read and I'm naturally very curious. Nice thing is I turned #'s 3 & 4 into a job. Cripps, they pay me for doing this! Silly, silly people!

5. I am a creative wannabe. I love all things creative. Art, music, writing, cooking, sculpting you name it I love it. Unfortunately, it doesn't come naturally to me which is unbelievably frustrating (see #1 for what happens when one of my art pieces doesn't turn out so well.)

I think that fulfills enough of number 2 now I'm supposed to pass this along. I don't feel comfortable about that so my stance is; IF you want it help yourself. And Captain Dumbass, Cameron, and Goodfather it's not too feminine. So don't be whining. Leave that to me. I'm a professional.

Not only does that take care of that award but it takes care of Listlessness Monday (go check out Anna) also. WooHoo! God, I love me some multitasking.




  1. Great list. I'm in my early 30s and already struggle with hot flashes/night sweats. You have my deepest sympathies there!!!!
    And the frugality? I love it. I will be poor soon (new house and all), so I plan to pick your brain for money-saving tips. Expect it!!!

  2. I was about to tell you that your cheeks are a little red but NEVERMIND. Sheesh! I'm cheap too but I would blow right past that $1 meal idea, although it is a good one.

  3. We enjoyed Daryl and Kath. We took them on a little trip to see the Black Canyon before they left us for Wyoming.

    Kath said you were delightful!


  4. I am impressed with your frugal meal policy AND by how long you've been doing it. I have been getting into the frugality thing for several months now, but I have yet to set a dollar-amount goal. You've inspired me!

  5. I gotta get on that $1.00 per meal thing. You could start a whole website or write a book with $1.00 per person recipes. I never get anywhere close to that.

    Sorry about the whole menopause thing. The bright side is that you won't have Aunt Flo to contend with much longer. I'm almost jealous.

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  7. The whole dollar limit thing is a good idea but I'm way to lazy to do all that math, lol. Thanks for the warning on that whole using menopause to your advantage thing. I'll have to make sure Ben reads this post.

  8. # 1 & #2 fit me perfectly! Very funny post! :D

  9. I like you 'honest' list. Food must be much cheaper in US than here. $1 per person wouldn't even pay for potatos. Although I agree with your other commenters that you should begin your own website called "$1 per person per dinner." or something like that.

  10. Oh wow. I think you are the menopausal me! Except with the $1 meal thing. Now that is impressive!! And I'll be joining you in the menopausal thing too soon, I'm sure. (My grandmother went through "the change" at 28, so I'm already beating the family odds!)

  11. I run about five bucks per person. I need to crack down. Teach me, Master.

  12. If I'm Canadian, do I get $2.25 a person?

    Oh, who am I kidding....I wouldn't even manage that.