Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Smile Award

Cameron over at Get the Stink Off (oh, how I love his blog title and his blog and him. It's not what your thinking, jeez!) awarded me with this little gem. It comes with your basic rules and regulations that I feel compelled to tell you that I will probably ignore. If not some then all of them. Cameron, I'll give it a try mkay?

First the rules: With me this is where the problems arise.
1. Link back to the creator. I'm not exactly clear who the creator is (isn't this a question for the Pope or someone?) but I suspect for this award it was Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow to Let in Crazytown or at least that's where Cameron says he got it. And I believe everything Cameron says. Not because I'm gullible (which I am) but because he posted this picture in his Christmas letter.

This screams honesty to me.

2. Post the rules (done)
3. Choose 5 people to give it to (I hate this part. If you want it take it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. While you're at it grab up that picture of Cameron's kid.)
4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above (pleeeease!)
5. Create a post to share this (I had planned to bore you anyway)
6. You must thank the winner (huh?)

Those were the rules, here's those nasty regulations:
a) Display a cheerful attitude (most of the time, unless the dreaded menopause thing happens then all bets are off!)
b) Love one another (how did you find out about my high school years? Hey, I was a product of my time. Everyone was doing it! It was the peace, love and rock & roll era. Oh shit, you guys didn't know any of that did you? )
c) Make mistakes (yeah, so what!)
d) Learn from others (easy enough when you have a brother like mine.)
e) Be a positive contributor to the blog world (will there be a vote? If so, please do not vote me out. I couldn't take the rejection.)
f) Love life (covered in item b. That probably wasn't what the creator meant was it?)
g) Love kids (piece of cake! I love kids especially if they belong to someone else.)

That takes care of that. Cameron, thank you so very much. Affirmation is always appreciated .

Yesterday, I posted honest stuff about myself. What captured most of the interest was my meal limit. Some people asked if I would do a blog or cookbook about how I achieve $1.00 per meal. I'm just not sure I have time for 2 blogs (ok, it's not a time issue. I'm just lazy). And, a cookbook? I've been bugged to death about doing one for the last 5 or 6 years from family and friends. It's still rattling around in my head (I do have one started).

I think I have a solution. How about if we (I think you should decide. Mostly because I'm totally unable too on my own) pick 1 day a week to post a recipe or frugal tip?

What day is the best for you?

Do you shop on a particular day and would like some help the day before? Do you shop everyday? If so, STOP. IT!

Do you want just recipes?

Do you want shopping tips?

Do you want all of the above?

Please God! Don't tell me that you'll let me make these decisions because, well, the menopause thingy.



  1. Hey, congrats on the award! The cooking idea is a good one but don't get carried away like I did with HASAY or it'll take over your entire blog! I like the idea of one day per week.....

  2. I want you to come and do my shopping, plan out meals, and then cook them.


  3. You really believe everything I say? I don't even believe everything I say.

    I love the recipe / tip idea. I'm a tightwad at heart, and the cheaper I can eat the better. Wife doesn't appreciate some of the cheap, food that I eat. I would say Thursday...not a lot going on that day and I imagine most people like me shop on the weekends.

  4. Frugal Friday sounds good to me. I would like your meal combinations (pork chop with noodles, whatever).

  5. I would never vote you out.

    I'll take whatever everybody else wants. they're better at this than I am ;)

  6. Two blogs, I've got three, I'm really only interested in one, so the other ones slide even to the point I ignore them.

    I am intersted in your shopping tips and cooking recipes.


  7. I'll take a worshiping nerd any day if tge week.

    In my neck of the woods older men drive around in black porshes with women who have clearly had too many plastic surgery's enough to make an old broad go nuts.

  8. Awesome post, congrats!

    I'm suddenly into the frugal shopping thing - I'd love shopping tips. I need to feed my whole family for $1. For a week.