Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stalk and Shop this Christmas

I love shopping for Christmas gifts online. No fighting over a parking space, no waiting in line, and no wrestling the 80 year old woman for that last "must have" item. (I'd never do that, I'd do the ole "Look blue hair rinse was just marked down" then when she turned to look I'd calmly walk away with "must have" in hand.)

Shopping online also ensures that I never have to leave my favorite blogs. That's right folks! I can stalk and shop at the same time. Multi-tasking at it's best.

So in the spirit of Christmas (I just give and give, HA!) I found a great website from the U.S. government. Happy Holidays on

Those people at are always thinking. They offer information on everything from fire safety tips to holiday food (a feature on this site is "Hampering Holiday Weight Gain" I'm looking out for the HASAYers) to gifts. Here are just a few:

What book lover wouldn't want a set of these adorable bookends. I know I do.
These are from the

The National Zoo shop is selling these cute Panda Purses.

Anyone need a Turtledove?
This is from the National Archives.
It's not cheap $115.00 marked down!

You can thrill that NIxon supporter in the family with Nixon recordings.

1 gig Space Shuttle Orbitor flash drives. How cool is that?
I so want 1 or 2 or 6 of these in my stocking.
You can find them at the The Kennedy Space Center Store.

But really, nothing says peace & love at Christmas then Drug Enforcement Agency keytags.

Happy Shopping everyone.



  1. I so have to get the Drug Enforcement keychains. It's not an option. The bookends are cute.. the turtledove? Kind of frightening.

  2. Well, after grabbing the wrong keys on the way out the door yesterday, I think I might invest in some DEA key rings!! I couldn't go wrong with that!

  3. I love to shop on-line too. I have to be careful because I can get carried away.

    Kathy and Daryl will be here Sunday. Will let you know how they fair coming over all of our major passes.


  4. I like the flash drive but Graham would steal it from me if I had one. I did most of my shopping online before Thanksgiving and just picked up the last stocking stuffers yesterday. I AM DONE SHOPPING. It feels good, so why not put it in print?

  5. I love the flash drives, too bad I don't use them. I love shopping on-line too but this week has been nothing but a piss off. I found Xmas cards from two awesome companies, neither of which ship to Canada. WTF? I'm not asking you to ship it to the North Pole, I can freaking see your country from the roof of my house!

  6. DeeMarie: Yes, the keychains are a definite stocking stuffer.

    Heather: You do need the keychains.

    Linda: be careful at this site. I found all kinds of cool things.

    Casey: Damn! You're all done? You are awesome!

    Capt.: you find which cards you want then let me know. I'll send them up to you.

  7. omg, that Panda purse reminds me of a rabbit's foot and freaks me the hell out!

  8. Those are so cute. I think I'm in love with the Turtle Dove.

    I subject myself to the mall each idea why!

  9. I'm with YOU !! I can't leave my computer. jesus.

  10. hey- got something for you over at my place.

  11. I think I'll get the drug enforcement keychains for my 3 teens!

  12. I'm all over that panda purse!

    But I agree with DeeMarie...the turtledove is rather disturbing. And expensive.

  13. Somehow I think the Canadian government doesn't have an equivalent...

    I love the DEA keytags, but I think they'd blow my cover. Shhhh.