Monday, November 10, 2008

Top 10 Ways I Relax

As a self-proclaimed button slut (though I think that I like button tart or button wench better) I'll be doing a list today in honor of Listlessness Monday. So I'll be moseying over to Anna's site later on to pick up my button (Somehow, that just sounds so wrong. Sorry Anna). Then I'll wonder over to Sprite's Keeper to join the spin cycle because today you get a twofer. A list on how I relax.

Now, I know you are saying to yourself, "Self? Why would Michele combine 2 posts in one? She could so get some mileage out of this. Oh, right! She's uber lazy."

So in the grand tradition of lazy people everywhere here are the top 10 ways I relax:

No. 10: Genealogy research (I seek dead people).

No. 9: Watch Home & Garden TV (I love it when people spend way too much money on things they can do themselves)

No. 8: Watch Food Network (or as I like to call it Carnivore Network)

No. 7: Research libraries held by Colonial American's with a focus on how reading choices may have effected the establishment of American independence. (truly I do this.)

No. 6: Watch Fine Living (I console myself with the fact that the best 2 days of a boat owners life are the day she/he buys the boat and the day they sell it. This does count for yachts)

No. 5: Painting or drawing

No. 4: Sitting at the dinner table with JR & the boy drinking wine and rehashing our day.

No. 3: Reading trashy romance novels

No 2: Cooking and/or baking

And the number one way that I relax is.....

On Sunday mornings, sitting on the back patio drinking a non-fat sugar-free hazelnut latte watching JR throw the ball for the dogs and listening to Andre Gardener's Breakfast with the Beatles. Bliss I tell you! Sheer bliss.

Well, there you have it the button tart (we're trying this on for size) has fulfilled the requirements for Listlessness Monday and the Spin Cycle. I can now go forth to be lazy the rest of the week.



  1. Gr, tried to leave a comment, but I think Blogger ate it. Trying it again. Supposed to be relaxing this week, but Blogger is making. it. hard...
    You're linked!
    Love Nora Roberts for a good #3!
    Food Network? Totally, I have a crush on Alton Brown and Duff Goldman.

  2. Big fan of Nora Roberts also.

    I heart Duff and Alton.

  3. Wow, your Sunday morning routine sounds great! I love The Beatles! That does sound relaxing, heh.

  4. You write the best(est) posts! I always come away with a good feeling!


  5. I think I want to come over next Sunday morning, is that ok?

  6. I miss relaxing.

    Can I come over with Heather?

  7. Everyone is invited over on Sunday mornings if you can get to Phoenix. Except this Sunday. We will be at Joshua Tree National Park this Sunday

  8. #3 just doesn't seem to fit, but then again, we all have one of those I think.

  9. Way to kill two birds with one stone! I used to be obsessed with HGTV but I had to stop or we wouldn't have much of a house left since it inspired me to knock down walls.

  10. Heinous: Yeah, weird isn't it.

    Casey: JR used to come home from work to find walls missing.

  11. You do #7 to relax? Dang lady, it makes me tired just reading it! Your #1 is awesome. That's my relaxation also, books and coffee and sitting around.

    Great spin, I'm still trying to put mine together.

  12. I'm locking arms with heatherpride and we're going to invade your sunday morning. cause that's how we do.

  13. Your ways of relaxing are very different to mine. These are the top 10 ways I relax:-
    10) Try to Sleep
    9) Try to Sleep
    8) Try to Sleep
    7) Try to Sleep
    6) Try to Sleep
    5) Try to Sleep
    4) Try to Sleep
    3) Try to Read
    2) Try to Take photos
    1) Sleep

    My word verification for this comment was "bulsiht" - is this computer trying to tell me something?

  14. Love Nora Roberts, Love HGTV and the food channel all great relaxing things to do. But big relaxing best is sewing call me crazy.