Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The whine that wasn't to happen but did anyway

At first I thought I'd whine about JR today. But, I can't. The bleep stole my thunder. Today of all days he chose to push his chair in after breakfast. This has been seriously making me crazy. He gets up from the dining room table and leaves his chair out. Yes, I know this is an anal retentive librarian thing but dang it really bugs me. I wander around the table every morning and every night pushing the chairs in.

I tease the other librarians at work about this. When a patron or non-librarian staff leaves a chair un-tucked it is a mad scramble to see which of us will push it in first. It is actually very funny. Okay, you probably had to of been there. Or be a librarian or be anal.

Anyway, JR has been doing this for years, leaving his chair out that is. It has also been bugging me for years. Sure, I could have said something but the man really doesn't do all that much to make me crazy so it was all I had to complain about to my bff's. Lame, I know. They are all talking about their husbands spending grocery money on expensive golf clubs, their husbands snore loudly, their husbands are controlling, or in one case her husband's girlfriend showed up to give her kids gifts. I am not making that up! I've got nothing to add to these conversations.

While, JR is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination he really doesn't do anything awful. In fact, if I can be honest here (and where else would I be) the man is just about perfect. He does the vacuuming, the dishes, and the laundry. He makes it very easy for me to be a lazy ass. Which I take full advantage of. What? I'm lazy but I'm not stupid!

The one thing I've got is the whole chair thing and today he spoiled it by pushing his chair in. The b&*^ard! I was going to take pictures and everything. Wahaaa.

I've wasted enough time on that. Now for some geek stuff.

With Christmas coming up I thought some of you might like to know that the American Library Association Service to Children has come out with their recommendations for Great Interactive Software for Kids, Fall 2008. It lists 7 different games for kids ages 6 to 14. I know that some of you have pre-K kids but I bet that any tech savvy preschooler could figure out a couple of these games.

I should have posted this at Halloween but forgot all about it. If you haven't seen any of the Commoncraft videos I urge to to wonder through their site. This one makes me laugh every time (Simple things for simple minds).

Zombies in Plain English

That is probably enough ranting for today. I'm one of those lazy state workers with the day off so I'll be painting most of the day. Thanks for listening or reading or whatever.

So after posting all this random and whining stuff I head over to the Un-Mom site and found this.




  1. My Mom is a retired librarian, but she never told me about pushing in patrons chairs. I'll have to ask her about that. My Dad is meticulous about his own personal space, so I doubt they have that issue at home.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog, so it is much fun to visit those places you suggest.

    I super enjoy your blog and the comments you make on my blog.

    Happy Veterans Day!


  3. The zombie video cracked me up!

    My friend, Amanda, could totally relate to your chair-not-pushed-in struggle. Her husband cannot bring himself to close cabinet doors. Her kitchen will look like it was ransacked because every single cabinet door will be open for the world to see after he's been in there.

    I'd kill him.

    Not really.

    You get the idea.


  4. Ha, sounds like you've got it made over there, no bitching about JR. I can't complain about my husband either, he cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids so there's nothing to bitch about. Sucks. I'm a chair pusher inner too, if I'm out with people and they get up from the table and forget, I go around pushing them all in. Weird.

  5. Im a chair person too. I go around and push in everyones chair before we leave some place. Bugs me.

    My hubs thing is dropping his laundry in front of the hamper. Whats up with that? Are his clothes too good to go in the hamper with the rest of ours???? LOL

    Actually it started when we farmed and his clothes needed to be burned rather than washed but hey the cows didnt care if he wore manure stained clean barn clothes. Dont miss those days one bit. In case you were wondering!!!!!

    Enjoy your day off!!!

  6. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get your picture. I always push the chair in. That's why they fit under the table.

  7. hehe...the zombie infomercial rocks!!
    I am a chronic drawer is one of my few pet peeves!

  8. I am totally anal. I totally get the chair thing. I would be flicking John on the back of the head for that. (He HATES that.)