Friday, November 7, 2008

Speaking of Yak Cheese

This is our collection of wine corks. It sits on our wine fridge. It started out in the vase behind the basket then grew to fill the basket. I spilled the basket over just for effect. Please don’t be thinking that in a state of drunkenness I tossed a cork into the basket, it tipped over and I left it this way. Sure, that could’ve happened but it didn’t okay!

My son and I have been collecting wine corks for about a year now. The real ones not those rubbery things that wineries are trying to convince us are better than real cork. Is there no romance in their souls? Wine should be corked with real cork! Hello!

Those new fangled screw caps are right out. And, don’t try to trick me by making a screw cap look like it is a cork. Then I bring home the bottle; try to open it with my corkscrew only to find a screw cap. It spoils the whole experience for me. Sure, I’ll still drink wine, (I paid for it, didn’t I?) but I won’t enjoy it half so much as before and I’ll never buy your wine again. So there! Don’t piss me off with screw caps.

Anyhoo, The boy and I thought we’d collect these for awhile and have ourselves a little craft project. You know, make a trivet or tray out of them. A real old fashion family fun craft session.

Then what should show up in the mail the other day?

The Wine Enthusiast catalog!

I’ve never bought anything out of this catalog but I love looking at the pictures. No wait, I love the articles. That’s right! The articles! Does that make this catalog like porn for wine drinkers?

Does it seem kind of weird that I lust after the glass decanter stoppers?

The red decanter stopper makes my heart race. The blue is okay. I wouldn’t turn it down if someone gave it to me but the red really does it for me. For JR it would be the whole blue ball thing (sorry, ladies it had to be said) These were made in Europe; Classeeh.

That being said I’d have to actually have a wine decanter which would bring our wine consumption up to a whole different level. We would go from plopping the bottle down on the dinner table and just chatting about our day to a gen-u-ine cultural experience. Alas, I don’t think the food I serve could ever be consider gourmet enough (not to mention JR, the boy, and I) for the decanter experience. When the boy comes to the dinner table in his boxers culture goes right out the window.

I also need a pair of these pajama pants. Nothing says romance more then cotton pajama pants with wine glasses all over them. They would so beat out my old pajama pants with the wine stains all over them. According to the description these are "as sassy as they are comfy". It's like they know me!

I’ll be firing up the hot glue gun. I should have plenty of corks left over from the tray or trivet project.

I smell Christmas gifts. I knew that drinking all that wine was going to pay off. It had nothing to do with my stressful job. (There will be no laughing! Librarians can have stressful jobs. Really, we can! We just make it look easy. We work smarter not harder. Hehehe)

All that wine drinking will enable me to make all those Christmas gift even more special this year. There will be a history and a story behind each and every cork. Plus, (and if this doesn’t get you nothing will) collecting all these corks was a family labor of love. Ahhhhhhh!




  1. I don't drink wine, I've never been able to get past the taste, but I've always loved the idea of *holding* a wine glass. It's so grown up. I may have to acquire a taste for wine, I think it's the only chance I've got.;)

  2. I think I love you. I mean that. Anyone who is that dedicated to wine is my kinda gal. I'm trying to get into the reds this year...had a wonderful Greg Norman Pinot the other day that I am a fan of.

    Also? I have to have those PJ bottoms and the red wine stopper...must must have.

  3. Well who knew there was a catalogue of treats for the wine-lover?

    I've never been able to force myself to 'acquire' the taste for wine although I love to use it in my cooking.

  4. I love those decanter stoppers -- gorgeous!!!!

    You have excellent taste. Have I told you that?


  5. Sammanthia,

    I had the same problem. Start with white wine, no reds, no rose, just white. Nurse on those for a year or two and then you'll love red wine!

  6. I don't drink wine but my mom has been known to hit the bottle. Not like THAT, but she enjoys her some wine... that cork book looks purty cool.

  7. I like the spilled over basket. Very House and Home. You should leave it like that.
    I can't stand wine, myself, but I love collecting wine corks. You're so right about the stupid plastic twist tops. It's just wrong.