Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Randomness in all its Glory

I proudly present this post in honor of the Un-Mom's random Tuesday thoughts. She has made blogging on Tuesday easy for me by allowing me the opportunity to spout random nonsense. Yeah! I love random nonsense.

First up on the hit parade is my newest painting. Sure, you thought you were tortured enough last week, but, no! I have (I think) just finished a new one. This is from a photo that my blog friend Lacy posted on her site one day. Big FYI for you guys. If you post a picture on your site that I feel compelled to paint. I'll be asking ya for it. Be afraid, be very afraid. So without further ado:

It is now sitting on the fireplace mantel (I know fireplaces and Phoenix go figure) drying. Did any of you know that oil painting can take like a thousand years to dry? Ok, I lied. It's not a thousand years it just feels like it. According to my sources (mostly the internet and we all know that is the only place to get authoritative information, right?) oil paintings can take up to a couple of weeks or more to dry depending on the paint. This one has taken its place along side the Golden Gate painting.

Another random thing. Just after the election Nessa was rooting around in the boy's backpack (probably looking for a ball. She has a problem with balls. I guess they are addicting. Who knew?) and come up with this.

She's such a nut head.

Enough for now. You all have a great day.


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  1. I love random nonsense too. Love the painting. Nessa is very patriotic!

  2. You've done a lovely job! The painting looks just like the picture -- only better because it has so much more feeling.

    Love,love,love it!!!!

    Paint ALL of my photos!!!! :)

    Your dog is adorable!

    Blessings and thanks for your support,

  3. What a cute puppy!

    I love your painting! You are really getting good.


  4. TOP 5!!

    Awesome painting! I can't pain, and have the utmost respect (and by respect, I mean envy) for people that can. Beautiful.

  5. That dog is so adorable with the sticker on her nose!!! Want to hear a really embarrassing voting sticker story? Of course you do! Yesterday AFTER work, I was sitting on my couch and I looked down and saw I had an "I voted" sticker on my shirt. You guessed it - had hung my shirt back up in my closet (without washing! shhhhhhh) and forgot about the sticker stuck to it, then I spent all day long at work yesterday wearing the shirt I evidently wore on election day, without even noticing the evidence. Awesome.

  6. Great painting. You did a nice job.