Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Revisiting a Favorite

This week's Spin-Cycle from Sprite's Keeper is all about favorites. Favorite posts that is. I'm not sure I have any favorites I love them all equally. Yeah, right!

Anyway, I like this one a lot. It shows the real essence of Nessa. It is also lighthearted and silly which I need right now.

Would Someone Please Help Her!

This is Nessa!

This is Nessa's ball

Nessa loves her ball. I can not explain Nessa's love for her ball. It's a special kind of love. Some would say unnatural. Not me, I would say she's a retriever.
But truly, Nessa does need help. Nessa has a problem.
Nessa needs a 12 step program

Sometimes bad things happen to her ball.
Daddy has been known to lock her ball up when he vacuums.
It surely is pitiful when her ball gets locked up.

If I poke my nose at this door maybe it will release my ball.
Woof! Woof!
Help! Someone please help me!
I can't get my ball!

Sometimes, my ball get stuck behind the box that my people watch.
(It seems to get stuck back there when Mama throws it. I'm sure she doesn't do it on purpose or does she?)
There are strange things back there.
It scares me.
But I really need my ball.

Let me try this!
Maybe if I bark at it?

Maybe if I lean in far enough?
Will someone please save my ball?
I'm desperate here!

Mama, my ball is stuck.
Will you get it for me?
Will you stop pointing that thing that flashes light in my eyes at me?
Give me a break here!

I can't get it any closer to you Mama.
Throw it already!



  1. Aww. You captured her love quite accurately!!

  2. She's gorgeous and she loves her ball like Harry loves his. He'll sit patiently under the counter where we place his ball until we notice him and it and end his torture by getting it for him. You're linked!

  3. My dog has the same ball! He is very jealous of the cats coming NEAR his BALL!

    What a cute dog, is he a designer breed or a pure bred type? Whatever he is I would love to pet and cuddle with him.


  4. Nessa is a beautie!

    I find it endearing and hilarious how people put voices to their pets!!!

    Our dog, Tubster, always runs to get a toy for you to play with him. But then you can never get it out of his mouth as he has a death grip on it! I'm always afraid I will hurt his teeth if I yank on it and thats the only way you can get it out of his mouth!!!!

  5. Nessa is so cute. Our dog is too lazy to love a ball...he adores scrambled eggs though. :)

  6. Wow! She is so cute!! I love the pictorial, I agree with deemarie - you really capture her spirit.

  7. Oh my dear heavens, she's so cute! Is she a Doodle? I can see why you love that face so much.

  8. DeeMarie: It is easy to capture her spirit because she has so much.

    Sprite's Keeper: She will wait not so patiently for us to throw her ball.

    Dayphoto: Her ball is only HERS!

    Kath: She wants you to throw it so badly that she'll drop it immediately. The Corgie; not so much.

    Stiletto Mom: She'd do scrambled eggs. Though just like her mama she loves her cheese.

    Goodfather: Spirit something Nessa has in spades.

    Blissfully Caffeinated: She is a Goldendoodle. Softest fur on the planet.

  9. Nessa is adorable! Chloe is the same way about her ball and will sit there staring at us like we're insane for not jumping up to help her sooner.

  10. Is she... oh could she be a Golden Doodle???


    Love the OCD doggy! I have a few of those myself.


  11. Oh my gosh, my dog does the same thing! Before he was old and arthritic, I used to throw the ball down the basement steps over and over to try to wear him out, already! You know what would happen then? He would keep it up until he threw up on my carpet, that's what.

  12. You know... the more I stare at it... there's just something about that ball... I want to chew on it.

  13. Poor Nessa, what is it with dogs and their balls?
    You can put voices to your pet, I talk to mine - my hubby thinks I'm nuts though.
    Try putting two balls in front of her, it is hilarious.