Monday, November 17, 2008

Charity Dog Walk Weekend - A Poem

The Arizona Animal Welfare League held their dog walk this weekend. Saturday to be precise.

Nessa and I wrote a little poem. Or I wrote and Nessa supervised. Without opposable thumbs Nessa has hard time writing so I took care of the problem for her (No, I didn't try to tape some thumbs on her. Though interesting craft project).

Fair Warning: I suck at poetry. I took a poetry class in college only to work my ass off for a "C". Nessa's only a little better. I fairly abused this lovely old poem.

Twas a day at the dog walk

Twas a day at the dog walk, when all through the park
All the creatures were stirring, yet nary a bark.
The dogs were all leashed to their masters with care,
In hopes that the dog treats soon would be there.

The boy was nestled all snug in his bed,
While a pounding red demon danced around in his head.
And Nessa in her collar, and I in my hat,
Had just settled in to walk off some fat.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I craned my neck to see what was the matter.
From up on the dais there alighted a speaker,
Who said, "now everyone tie up your sneaker".

The sun high in the clear blue sky,
Prepared to give heat-stroke to those who would try.
When, what to my wandering eyes should appear,
But a puppy like Nessa was standing right near.

She was all golden, so sweet and petite,
I hardly had the heart to announce her big feet.
Her owners, so proud of their new little baby,
Maybe she'll stay small?, Yeah, right, maybe!

Come Ginger! come, Sparky! come, Patches and Missy!
Down Bruno! off Lucy! on, Zeke and on Chrissy!
So off on our walk, all the owner's called heel,
While the pooches all thought, hey! what's the deal?

I'm not done sniffing the butts that go by,
When their owners drag them away, still the dogs try.
So off down the trail the dogs and the owners did stroll,
With poop bags at ready to scoop up toll.

Then Nessa laid a big pile of poop, I saw,
And I picked it up because that is the law.
Nessa was calm and I tried not to gape,
But, as we got to the street she went kind of ape.

I calmed her down as best as I could,
and she walked like a princess, like I knew she would.
The event planners put out bowls full of water,
but Nessa wouldn't drink from bowls full of slobber.

As we near the finish under the mid-November sun,
I could tell that Nessa was just about done.
The promise of treats and a nice little nap,
saw us finishing the walk in only a snap.

Now, all in all it was a good day
which leaves me with only one thing to say.
All you donors please give to the cause,
cuz, these little doggies are down on their paws.

Thank you and the Arizona Animal Welfare League, PAWS, and the Humane Society thanks you! The 600 people and their dogs who collected donations and walked on Saturday thanks you!

And, I thank you for putting up with bad poetry. I realize that is similar to Vogon poetry, or an experience similar to torture but there you have it.



  1. Hey, that was pretty good! And it rhymed, I only like rhyming poetry, I'm shallow like that. Glad you had a nice walk and helped some dogs!

  2. You did very well, rhymes and all.

    I give monthly to our local CAWS program. If you are interested go to thier site and read about the border collie rescue they have going on. Sometimes I think people need to be shot and animals to rule.


  3. Awesome poem! Nessa is very poetic, you two make a great team :D.

  4. That was a wonderful poem. I bet you're making up the part about getting a 'C'. Good for Nessa that she didn't drink out of those nasty germ bowls. That's a smart pooch you got there.

  5. I thought it was a great poem! Nessa is surely the envy of all poetic dogs everywhere!

  6. I'm sure the other dogs were honored to be walking next to a celebrity-blogging/poetry writing/dog and owner couple!

  7. Nice poem! Thanks for stopping by my site. I've added you to my reading list!!!
    I agree with Casey. I prefer the rhyming kind too!