Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Irish Postcards

I have probably 50 postcards from Ireland collected by JR's grandparents.
These are a few that I like. Actually, I like all of them for one reason or other.
These are a few with horses/donkeys in them.
It seems that the Irish favored donkeys.
Or it could be that donkeys were all they could afford.

It says, "A Killarney Motor." Mostly propelled by good humour."
If you look really closely at this old guy's face you'll notice that he doesn't look in "good humour".
Isn't that a sweet little donkey?
The donkey looks happier than the old guy.

Now, I'm thinkin' that these were upper crust people.
They have horses.
I really like the hat that the woman has on.
I'm going to tell you a secret.
I love hats.
Some women have a thing for shoes,
some a thing for purses,
for me it's hats.
I love hats!

Miss Mac Carthy has her own donkey (that's not really what they call this particular beast but you'll have to look closely at it yourself).
She obviously has a great sense of style.
You can tell by the red wheels of her cart.
So Racy!
I bet she gave all the old biddies in town heart palpitations.
Painting the wheels of her cart RED.
Well, I never!



  1. How old are these postcards? They are really neat.

    Clark collects postcards of where he has visited. I think its interesting to see which ones he picks out as thats what he sees of the area. I hope he continues to do so.

  2. These postcards were purchased around the turn of the 20th century. Some have dates that range from 1901 to 1925.

    I also collect postcards from our travels (besides earrings of course). Tell Clark that 100 years from now his descendants will enjoy them.

  3. I love old postcards, too! And hats... I adore them.

    What a great post! I am so glad to have found your blog!!!! Have I told you that like a hundred times? I think so!

    Still mean it as much as the first time I said it.