Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dog Candy

These may look like innocent hair scrunchies (I thought so anyway) but you and I are sadly mistaken.
These are actually dog candy.
They are closely related to chewing gum.
With the oh so yummy mommy shampoo flavor.

This girl is addicted to dog candy, aka hair scrunchies.

She will search one out with the nose of , well, a dog.
It doesn't matter where in the house these are.
She will find them.

No where is safe.
Counter tops are no obstacle.
Mommy's bedside table, child's play.
Pulling them out of mommy's hair if she gets too close, piece of cake.
Sometimes I think the only reason she loves me is for my hair scrunchy.
Dog candy.

Thievery is acceptable.
To her at least.
We have countless talks.
We scold
Sometimes we even yell.
Sometimes for awhile she's contrite.

Other times "not so much!"


P.S. This boy is just happy that he's not the one being talked to, scolded, or yelled at.


  1. Love your dogs! They are just plain cute! Your camera really caught their personality!


  2. Those dogs are darling. I had to show them to my youngest - she loves dogs. To quote her, "ohhhhhhh, they are so cute, can we get a puppy?"

  3. Your dogs are so cute. I would love to have a Doodle.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Hi there, Just have to ask if that is a labradoodle? It is so darn cute and reminds me of one. Glad to have found your blog. I have two older dogs and I love almost every dog I've met, only a few who I stayed away from. Thanks for sharing.