Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor Little Garden

My little herb garden.

My poor little pepper and eggplant.

Summer in Phoenix has been brutal on them.

With the coming fall the heat should drop or at least as much as it drops around here.

We'll be planting tomatoes, beans, and lettuce this weekend.

The herbs are doing well. In fact, the basil is doing great.

It has decided to reseed itself behind the rose bush.

It was my birthday yesterday. JR surprised me with roses. So sweet of him.



  1. Happy Birthday!!! We are both special Septembers!!!!

    Love the tour of your container garden. Also am anxious to see how your garden grows in our winter.

    How sweet of JR to get you such lovely roses.

    Daryl wants me to fly with him to AZ to get the truck and spend a weekend checking it all out. I'm not sure what I will do as I would be gone a week and dont know if I can be gone that long from here.
    I'm all for visiting AZ tho!!!


    What a fun garden! I have missed your blog for a few days as I have been stretched a bit in my life!

    But once again HAPPY DAY!