Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mesa Verde National Park

I promise this is the last of my vacation pictures.

I can imagine that you are all really tired of my mis-adventures
(Wait did I say mis? I meant adventures. That's right).

Back in July JR, our oldest homeboy, our homegirl-in-law, and I took my niece Tess to the Grand Canyon. When there we purchased a yearly National Park pass (It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my tummy for helping the National Park Service).
National Park passes are like $80+. I've blocked out the actual amount. I find it a little too painful to remember. Now, I am way too cheap to not get my money's worth out of it.

So, I said to JR, "We need to get our money's worth out of this card so let's go to as many parks as we possibly can. Turn here. No wait! Not here, there. Ok, now your going to have to turn around".

After turning around several times. We ended up at Mesa Verde National Park. Our 3rd National Park for this trip. How's that for making that pass pay? I think we might have even hit the break even point.

From here on out it's smooth sailing.
Then again with my luck Mesa Verde will be the last National Park we get to before the pass runs out.
I console myself with the knowledge that it has at least paid for itself.
Oh! and the warm fuzzy feeling. Let's not forget that.



  1. I'm loving your pictures of your trip. I have never seen this area before so am quite enjoying myself. Its so amazing how they built those into the rock like that. Can you walk thru them or are they too decayed?

  2. You can walk though some of them. Mesa Verde and Hoovenweep seem to be the largest of the bunch. Here in Arizona we have quite a few ruins that you walk up to and through. Next time Daryl comes down and you can spare some time you should try to check them out. Now, that I think about it. It might be a little too hard to get a big truck into some of these places. Probably not very practical.

  3. Thank you for the photos! I love Mesa Verde. We make a day of of the trip....leave early in the morning, go through the open dwellings, drive home.

    We try to do this once a year.


  4. I just left a comment on Pioneer Woman and saw yours above mine. We spell our name the same, which is unusual, so I clicked on yours. Which led me to your blog, which led me to see that you are in Phoenix. I was born and raised in Mesa and lived there 26 years. I am a bibliophile as well. Interesting....