Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sally

Happy 50th Birthday!


Sally actual birthday was yesterday and I meant to blog about her but with about a million things to do like, finish a paper, work, cook dinner, shower (everyone appreciates when I do this), water the plants, solve the world's problems, and have 3 fillings replaced.
(OK, so I didn't solve the world's problems but I did have the fillings replaced. Then, of course, whined about it all night.)

Telling you all about Sally just didn't get done. (I did call her so I'm not a complete loser for a friend).

Now you'll all have to suffer a day later. Sorry!

I think as individuals we are drawn to our opposites.
I read this in a study report just last month. Honest I did.
(so it wasn't an authoritative study and I shouldn't be referencing it but I'm sure I saw it. Or maybe it was that second glass of wine.)
Sally and I are opposites in so many ways and we just so clicked.

Sally has to be the calmest, most level headed, least neurotic person I know.
It is truly amazing, she's truly amazing.

Right now in Sally's life she's juggling a demanding job, a house under construction (but with her husband she is always juggling a house under construction), and aging parents.

Sally's mom and dad live with her. Her dad is in his nineties and requires a lot of care. Until recently, Sally was getting up an hour early in order to get her dad up, showered, dressed, fed, medicated and settled for the day. All before she got herself ready for work. Finally, they now have someone that comes to the house on weekday mornings. When I talked to her yesterday I could hear the relief in her voice. She sounded so much better then she did just 2 weeks ago.

Now I could go on and on about how wonderful Sally is but I think that this picture says it all. She actually forced us to stop the car to get this picture.
There was calm, peaceful Sally screaming from the backseat,
"Stop the car! I have to have my picture taken with that sign!"
(or maybe that was me? I don't rightly remember so I'm sure it was her.)

Happy Birthday Sally!
Thank you for being my friend.


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  1. So wonderful to have such a great friend. And to have a friend with a great sense of humor is off the charts!!

    Happy birthday, Sally!

    Ouch! Dental visits are the pits. Go ahead and whine. I'm whining today as I get to go to the chiroprator today as sitting, standing, and sleeping are important to me ....without pain.