Friday, September 19, 2008

Baggie Art

(you say)

To me it is.
Sometimes I find nothing than more satisfying than a well stacked dish drainer. When you add freshly washed out plastic bags...
It becomes art.

I thought that I would talk about the wonderful uses for ziplock plastic bags.
How they make storing leftovers easy.
How they can be reused time and time again. (only if they haven't had meat in them please! That's not just my vegetarian rule. I think that's a real one.)

How green it is to wash them out. (green is in! So come join me in being trendy! This is really the only way in which I am trendy so I'm going to play this up all the way, baby!)

Then I looked at my dish drainer.
I said to myself, (yes, I talk to myself. I do look around first. Gotta make sure no one else is around, don't ya know.)
Myself, I says, "Isn't that a nice study in geometry?"
(with the exception of the plate that fell down. Please don't look at that. Thanks!)

Granted it is not as high of a stack as I've been known to achieve but that's ok. It's all a matter of placement. It's important to get the spoons & spatulas & pot handles just right for the whole baggie drying thing.

At this point I know what your thinking. "Michele you are just plain pathetic!

You may be right.
But doing dishes isn't one of my favorite things, ( it's the whole dried hands, caked on food, germy sponge, standing looking out my dirty kitchen window thing. I really should clean that window. In the words of Scarlet O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day"), so I try to suck the joy out of it when I can.

Thinking of stacking dishes as art helps.

But then I think that my Dad's childhood violin is art!

That's why it hangs on my wall.


(P.S. poor JR puts up with the weirdest things hanging on our walls.)

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  1. Love your baggie art!!! And wall art.

    Can you play the violin?