Monday, September 8, 2008

Doggie Art

This is what we like to call Doggie Art.

Nessa produces these wonderful abstracts on my sliding glass door.
I totally understand the need to create. Whereas I use paper, canvas and paints. Nessa uses my sliding glass door, her wet paws and the dirt from the yard.

Isn't she thoughtful!
Isn't she creative!

Every couple of weeks I clean her canvas for her. It's nice to have a clean canvas to work from. This is another thing that Nessa and I share in common. The ability to appreciate a clean bit of canvas.

Sometimes Nessa's clean workspace gets her in trouble. When your hair is hanging in your eyes and the sliding glass door is clean you can't tell if it is open or not. Then you smack your head into it as you try to go out. Very disconcerting. Highly embarrassing. Totally frustrating. (very funny for those of us watching).

See how happy she is about her new clean canvas.
She promptly started on a new masterpiece.



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