Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Western Colorado Photos

You know if I was really smart I would have written down the names of these mountains. But at 10,000 feet I don't function to well. I get altitude sickness at about 8000 feet level in elevation and as I go higher I tend to get sicker. JR knows this and really felt bad about taking this particular route on our trip but I insisted.

Why let a little headache and nausea ruin his drive through the mountains (I really wanted to whine and moan. Be proud of me I didn't. Aren't I great at patting my own back). Mountains are some of the things he really misses about not living in the Pacific Northwest along with his friends, water, gardening, wineries, great fresh produce.
Oh blast it!
I guess we'll have to move.

Since, I seem to be the official photographer in our house I snapped a few shots just for JR. And when I get the time/money/gumption I'll fix our printer then print him off some of these.
Maybe that will hold him over for a few more years.

I can't not talk about Quaking Aspen Trees. If sunflowers are my favorite flower Quaking Aspens would be my favorite tree.
A fact I didn't know until recently is that Aspens are sorta like weeds. They have one parent tree with a long root where more trees spring up from. Like Bamboo.

Now the sunflowers I like to best are the ones that grow along the side of the roads and fence lines. That makes them weeds.
What does that say about me? hmmm?

P.S. the last 2 shots are in Utah not Colorado but I was just trying to emphasis the whole weed thing.



  1. More beautiful pics.

    Isnt altitude sickness the worst? I ache from head to toe. Get horrible bloody noses. Headaches. Then when we leave the area after being in the mountains a couple of days I feel like a new person and then can sleep like a baby for 24 hrs!! I am a flatlander and it is ingrained into my every cell. Mountains are to look at from afar for me.

    Love your dog'd art work!! And the invisible glass!! Ouch!

  2. My hubs is delivering a load of tanks to Buckeye AZ- your great state!

  3. I looks like you were close to our place!