Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I love a lot of things, sunflowers, books, my new laptop, my set of pastels and the list goes on. You noticed that I didn't include people or pets. They are not things. And I'm sticking with a theme here. One of the things that I really like is earrings. Yes, that's right, earrings. I have a ton of them and am always on the hunt for more.

See what I mean. This is only a small portion of my collection.
I like to pick up doilies from seconghand shops to hand them from. Great visual for those of us who need that sort of thing. I like to call it mixed media art for my bathroom.

I'm not into fancy expensive earrings (but I could be if someone would pay me enough to buy fancy expensive ones). Cheap works for me. I mostly like ones that dangle. I have always said (or at least since about the age of 35) that I needed earrings that resented what was happening with the rest of my body. Since gravity was pulling down significant chunks of my body my earrings should follow suit. That way they would all match.

I pick up earrings on almost every trip that I go on. See the red arrow (I got red arrow happy this morning)? I got these in Eureka Springs, Arkansas about 15 years ago. I still have them and believe it or not still wear them. Lovely place Eureka Springs. JR and I went there without the kids. I have very fond memories of that trip. It was the first time that JR had ever been to the South. Big eye opener for him. He learned a valuable lesson about the South. Things just move a little slower down there.

These are the whale tail earrings that my sister gave me for Christmas one year. Very Pacific Northwest of her.

I have earrings for most occasions. I know it is August but these make me laugh and at 5:30 a.m. when I'm getting ready for work I need the laugh.

These copper hoops are the newest of the travel earrings. I picked them up while I was in Montana. I like them a lot. I wear them with...


I have two holes in my right ear and one in my left. So frequently I wear a matching pair in each lob and an unexpected one in the extra hole in my right ear. Sometimes I like to shake things up by wearing 3 different ones. Very bohemian of me.

The story behind the 3 holes compared to 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 goes something like this. I got my first holes pierced when I was 16. My mother made me wait until then. Of course, my 14 year old sister got them the same day. Do I sound bitter? Sorry, flashback. Anyway, When I was 21 (8 hundred years ago) I took a friend of mine to get her ears pierced. She was really afraid that it would hurt. To prove to her that it didn't I volunteered to get another set done. At that time it cost $8 to get your ears pierced. I only had $4. So, long story short I got one side done. And even though it hurt like the dickens I didn't show it. Last time I looked my friend had 6 holes in her ears. I like 3 better. What can I say, it's the rebel in me.


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  1. Very creative and sensible to hang your earrings on dollies. Also what a useful souvenier to pick up while out and about.

    No buffalos from South Dakota???

    I chickened out on getting my ears pierced before my wedding 23 years ago and never considered it again. Both of my daughters have them double pierced. Hubs had a complete fit when I took each of them to get it done when they were 16.