Monday, August 18, 2008


I love sunflowers. Any kind of sunflower.
Any kind of sunflower or Black-eyed Susan type flower as long as it is yellow & black.
My personal favorite are the ones that grow wild along the side of the road. There is just something about them growing up out of the rocks, blown by the passing cars and trucks that just grabs my heart.
They are just so valiant.

So I was pleasantly surprised by the sunflower that sprung up in my flower pot. I didn't plant it but I think I know who did.
The flower pot sits near the bird feeder. I bet you can do this math.
Bird drops seed, seed germinates and I get a summer of love.
Sunflower love.
Brings back old times.

This valiant sunflower is completing me.
I faithfully water it.
I spend every morning admiring it and every afternoon it lifts my spirits while I make dinner.

And what's really great is that the wonderful sunflower took up residence with my volunteer petunia.

The two of these together are just wonderful.
And best of all I really didn't have to do anything to make this happen.
Once again, the whole lazy principal works for me.
(I should really start saying that I'm not lazy. I'm zen! That's right zen. Let's all say it together, Michele is not lazy. Michele is Zen. Are you convinced yet? I am).


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  1. I love sunflowers too! We plant them in the garden every year. I took a pic when I first got here of the sunflowers along the road. They were so cute I just had to stop!!