Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sara's Birthday

It's Sara's birthday today. Now I'd love to post a cute photo-shopped picture of her like I did for Julie's birthday. Unfortunately, I'm bowing to Sara's wishes. She didn't want me to do anything such thing to her. It is almost more than I can bear. I'm finding out that restraint is not my thing. Yes, Yes, I know that I'm almost 50 years old and I should have learned some restraint by now. What fun would that be? Restraint is over rated I'm sure!

Let me tell you about Sara. Sara is probably the smartest person I know. I'm in total awe of her. I don't mind admitting that I would like to be half as smart as she is.

She is also beautiful. I also want her hair. She has perfect hair. I really want her hair. It is dead on straight. It doesn't frizz. How cruel is that for those of us that have hair that a 1% humidity change makes a difference? Granted Arizona isn't known for humidity but this time of year we actually have some. My hair goes crazy. It takes on a life of it's own. Sara's not so much as a single strand is out of place. It is just not fair!

Sara is kind, thoughtful and loves her dog. I'm sorry if I'm making her sound like man's best friend but she's terrific.

So Sara if you read this.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!


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