Friday, July 25, 2008

Celtic Festival - Flagstaff, Arizona

Last weekend JR and I went to the Celtic Festival in Flagstaff, Arizona. Yet, another road trip for us. I'm not sure what we would do if we couldn't take these little road trips. It has been such a fun part of our life together. With gas prices as high as they are we have had to curtailed them but can't seem to stop. To prove we have some restraint we are putting off going to the Wilcox Peach Festival until next weekend. We don't go out to the movies, or dinner, or much of anything else so these little jaunts are built into our minuscule entertainment budget.
Enough about that, lets get back to the Celtic Festival.

JR is Irish. Three of his four grandparent were Irish. That just makes him a whole bunch of Irish.
Me, I'm a mutt! A little of this and that. I've got a bit of German, Irish, French and Scottish and according to family lore Cherokee Indian (but I haven't been able to prove that yet). JR keeps telling me that mutts are the best, then he pats me on the head and tells me to get off the furniture.

With this kind of ancestry JR & I are drawn to anything Celtic. We love the pipers, (this would mean bagpipes), drummers, dancers, and tartan. We can't get enough of tartan! The homeboys finally sat their dad down for a plaid intervention. It was painful!

At the March of the Clans all the attendees line up to watch. Very exciting!
What is it about a man in a kilt? It just makes my heart go pitter pat!
Maybe I'll get one for JR.

The Pipers were in fine form. The sunglasses were a nice touch on this one. It is a little hard to make piping cool. Nice try though!

This Scot went for the whole get-up. Check out the shield and sporam (that's the bag hanging from his belt. I probably didn't spell this right. Sorry it's early).

This is serious business!

It is very important to start your kids off early. JR and I messed up. We didn't indoctrinate our children early enough. One of our homeboys could have been this boy. I'm so ashamed!

JR and I were not blessed with girl children (much to my mother-in-laws consternation. Right, after our last homeboy was born she turned to JR and said; "Don't you boys have any female sperm?" One has to remember that she was in her mid-seventies and it was 3:45 am). But if we had we would have signed them up immediately for this.

Can you buy these dresses? I can sew fairly well but DANG!

Then there were these guys. The Wicked Tinkers. They were terrific! Goofy, funny, wild music. Just the way Celtic music should be.
Here's my little video of them:

They also have a website. We didn't know it but the Wicked Tinkers are pretty popular. They have even been on network TV. We had no clue. But, that's just like us, Clueless.

All and All it was a fine way to spend a Sunday. JR got to drink some Irish beer (he skipped the whiskey), heard some great music, watch cute dancers, and I got some new earrings. Someday I'll have to tell everyone about my earring fetish.



  1. You did however get a daughter-in-law that can Celtic dance! Have I not shown you this wonderful skill of mine? Oh well, I guess we'll all have to go together next year and I can show you.

  2. I love the wicked tinkers! They are going to be in Enumclaw at the highland games this weekend, so cool!

  3. I've never been to a Celtic Festival but now I feel I have almost been there. Love the video. Sounds like you had a great time!!

    I have zucchinis everywhere! I made my recipe yesterday and I am going to try yours today!!