Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Adobe House

I love fallen completely in love with this old house!
Granted, I love all old houses.
OK, I love most old things.

Old house, old books, old people, old just about everything.
Don't ask me why.

But this old house really gets to me.

My favorite thing is watching the changes in light
and color as the sun comes up.

It goes from dark and broody to glowing in a matter of minutes.

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to paint or
draw this old house.
I just can't do it.

The City of Tempe is going to restore it.
I sincerely hope they do a good job.

They will probably mess it up for me though. Part of the reason why I like this house so much may be because it sits there all by itself. Almost as if it were part of the rocks and plants of the desert. The landscape hasn't been ruthlessly bludgeoned into what some designer has decided is natural desert.
It is natural desert!

I'll climb off my high horse now.

Then there is these two goof balls.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!! Your recipe is very similiar to mine. Isn't it the best? We love it and eat if several times a week when we have zucchinis coming out of our ears!