Thursday, May 22, 2008

Helena, Montana - 2nd Day

As part of the conference that I'm attending we toured the Montana State Capitol What a beautiful building. Murals, stained glass, tile floors, cool wood work I could go on and on. If someone doesn't stop me I probably will! I love cool old buildings and this one ranks right up there. The tour guide was knowledgeable which made the experience very enjoyable. I loved the little anecdotes she sprinkled in with the history.

We also went to a reception at the Montana Historical Museum. They have put together some very interesting exhibits but did I look at these first? No Way! I checked out the museum store first. There was only one item that I probably should have purchased; a book of historic postcards (colorized reproductions of course). The reason I should have picked these up were because I have some of them amongst the old Montana stuff that were my husband's grandparents things. I've blogged about them in the past.

On today's agenda is the presentation that I am giving then later on the whole group is going on a boat ride up the Missouri River. It is called "Gates of the Mountains" truly looks lovely. I plan to take lots of photos that I will have to share with you when I get home (I forgot the cord that goes from my camera to my computer, silly me). If you can't wait they have some terrific pictures on their website. Our conference hosts didn't promise that we would see wildlife but I would think that the chances would be good. Montana seems to be teeming with it.

My co-worker and I plan to rent a car on Friday to take one of the scenic drives. I think I'll ask her to drive so that I can take pictures. I know selfish of me! I don't think she'll mind much.


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