Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Helena, Montana

My friend and co-worker Linda and I are in Helena, Montana. We got here a little early yesterday and thought "heck, let's see the sights."

One of the first things we noticed was "Drivers stop when you cross the street!" This was an amazing phenomena. Drivers in Phoenix never stop for pedestrians, even when they are in the crosswalk and they have the signal.

We were in shock.
We had a hard time crossing without waiting even after the 15th time.
We kept giving thankful waves to the drivers.

The Helena drivers must have thought we were crazy women. Here we were waving to them just because they didn't hit us.

Helena drivers didn't even screech to a stop! There was still plenty of room between us and them.

Helena drivers even stop when they were taking a left, thus putting themselves in peril of being hit!

Helena drivers wave you across the street when you are standing on the sidewalk preparing to cross!

What is wrong with these people! They are too nice! Linda and I are a little out of our element. It's freaking us out. I'm going to have to get my head together before I head to the conference because I'm still in shock.



  1. The problem with driving in Phoenix is police enforcement. You could have so many pedestrians stuck under your tires it is negatively affecting your mileage, but the only way to get their attention appears to be having questionable immigrant status.