Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill Evans

My youngest homeboy ask me to paint his favorite pianist, Bill Evans. This is my rendition of his "California Here I Come" cd cover.
Is it done? NO!
Is it like the cover? NO!
But it is really close.

It is also my first attempt at a person. I'm really pretty happy with the way it is working out. In fact, I'm totally amazed that I can paint anything that remotely looks like a real person. I have been telling my friends that I don't do people and animals. I've done animals (
OK, fowl; alright, vague seagulls) and now I've done people. It can only go up from here. Or down, as people might expect more than what I am capable of. I firmly believe in lower people's expectations! (this is a tenant of my life.)
Nobody likes a smart ass!

I'm almost afraid to start a new painting. When I do I become obsessed. I can 't do anything but that painting until I'm done. This is a problem because I have a real job! Some people would say I have a life.
They, of course, would be wrong!

I'll blog about my tomato basil pork chops tomorrow. Big hit with the meat eaters in my family!


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