Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bill Evans - fini

I finished the Bill Evans painting for my son today. I really like the way it turned out. It was a total departure for me.
One, it was more abstract then I usually attempt and two, it was a person.

I don't do people!

Painting/drawing people requires a commitment to realism that I don't want to buy into (mostly because I'm lazy and I don't think I'm any good, and I have self esteem issues!)
We don't want to go there!

But, I'm getting a bit off topic,

I actually got a chance to paint outside.
I was hoping that the light would be great,
that the atmosphere would be serene ,
that I would be inspired...

The light was great,
the atmosphere was serene,
and I was inspired
but the wind was a whole different matter.
It dried the paint so fast that I didn't get a chance to make changes.
I would wet the paint but it would dry before I could actually put it on the brush and long before it made it to the canvas.
I will have to bring the whole works in the house.
Geez, that sucks!
You would think that in Arizona you could do a whole lot outside. That is not the case this time of year. The weather forecaster's predict that it will be a hundred and one degrees this weekend. It is mid-May, of course it will be over 100 degrees; but it's a dry heat (it is still really hot!)

I tried to paint other things but to tell you the truth I wasn't into anything else. When I am I will paint something. I did go out and spend $125.00 on painting supplies (little does one know; but paint supplies cost a bundle). As a very cheap person I will have to find something to paint, ASAP!
I have a trip to Montana planned in another week; that should yield some painting opportunities. If not, on Friday my daughter-in-law and I plan to go to Half Price Books for inspiration.
I'm thinking coffee table books!
I'm thinking Ireland!
I'm thinking landscapes!
I'm thinking NO MORE PEOPLE!!!!


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