Monday, May 12, 2008

Wine Bottle & Glass

Ok, so quite awhile ago JR, the homeboys, the daughter-in-law, Lisa & I went to a winery in Arizona. It was a road trip, it was supposed to be fun, it was supposed be an adventure, it was supposed to be exciting. It was none of those things. Yes, I know that Arizona in not known as the hot bed of wine making but we thought, "what the heck, we might as well try it out".

So, we were wrong.

It was a long drive to drink less than good wine
(and we all know it's all about the wine).

While we were there we saw a painting that they were asking $300.00 for. Everyone in our group said,
"Michele, you can paint that!"
They were right I could paint that. After painting on and off for about 3 weeks. Mostly 20 minutes at a time and not every day (
frankly I wasn't that into it).

I painted this...

It looks very close to the original. I finally finished it because I want to paint or draw something else and this was taking up my drawing board space. If I had more than 1 drawing board I would have moved on long ago. This painting did not interest me much but I really felt like I had to prove a point. "I could paint something that someone else thought was worth $300.00."

Yes, I could get paid to paint stuff like this, but
No I don't want to paint stuff like this, so what's the point.

My youngest son wants me to do a mural on his bedroom wall & a painting of Bill Evans. My daughter-in-law wants me to paint/draw her some plant prints
(ferns and stuff), some other friends want their barns and such, me, I have some ideas for trees with the beach or fields and JR just wants me to be happy. What more could I want.

I guess, I could want someone who would pay me $300.00 for wine bottles and glasses but would I really respect them.
I don't think so!


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