Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Romp

The gang and I went to the Sonoita Winery on Saturday for the blessing of the vine celebration. We had a little picnic, sampled some wine, and generally enjoyed each others company.

Of course, we may never recover from the drive down there. Talk about a "three hour tour" gone bad! We rented a minivan, there were 6 of us and no vehicle big enough, with seats that were so uncomfortable that each of us felt like we had been beat up. Note to self, NO more minivan rentals!

While there we saw a painting that was listed at $300, being cheap I couldn't understand paying that kind of money for something that I could produce myself. We all decided that I could paint something just as good with the same theme. Here is the start of that project.

Since watercolor is a slow process, mostly waiting for the paint to dry, I'm only about half-way done. I know it might sound immodest but it looks like it will be as good as the one at the winery (ok, so maybe one could say that the one at the winery wasn't any good but work with me here). I'm not sure I like the way the cork, bottom central, is coming out. I may have to wash it out then turn it into grapes, or cheese, or some other wine type thing. We'll see.

Oh, BTW, I got a new easel. I love it! It makes painting so much easier. It is a travel easel so I can take it with me when we go on these jaunts. I have a lot more control of the paint!

P.S. JR was feeling poorly yesterday (probably something he ate at the restaurant on Saturday. I won't go into the fact that his pizza had pepperoni and sausage on it, 2 things he never gets at home.), so I made vegetable soup for him. It got rave reviews from the homeboys. Secret ingredient: V8 juice!

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