Friday, April 18, 2008

New Trick

Nessa has taken up a new trick. She brings a ball into my office then purposefully rolls it under my desk. She then proceeds to bark and scratch until I get down and retrieve the ball. This reminds my so much of when the boys were little. They would sit in their high-chair then throw their spoon/cracker/cup/whatever they had to the floor so I would retrieve it. I decided that I would do with Nessa what I did with the boys, ignore her. The theory is that if you don't respond to the behavior it will stop.

Seven balls later, yes I got down to dig them all out from under the desk last night, she is still doing it.

This morning she has rolled three balls under the desk already and it is not even 7 am.

When I do get down to retrieve her balls I get an amazing ear wash and hair trim. As Nessa insists on licking me and chewing on my hair. I feel like the long-suffering cat!

So many balls!!!! What's a dog to do!

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