Monday, April 14, 2008

Miscellaneous Bits & Bobs

Ok so this weekend was filled with bits & bobs. JR and I went down to the home improvement store. Never a good place for us. We can, and frequently have, spent way too much money there. This weekend was no exception. Here's what we got: roll-up bamboo shades to put on our covered patio. Our goal here is to block out the Western sun that shines through our kitchen window. This was an important purchase since the sun has been bothering JR's eyes while he washes the dinner dishes. I cook he cleans. I try not to make too big of a mess.

Our second purchase was some herbs. Remember, I cook and what cook worth her/his salt doesn't use fresh herbs if they can? See my cute little herb pot. Now, if I can keep Nessa from digging in it I should be in the money.

It joins my other little herb pot. See the rake next to it? That is not to rake the garden, I have no real garden, but to rake the rocks. Never in my life had I thought to rake rocks.

Our next purchase was this fountain. Totally not needed but there you go. Our fountain that sat at the back door had died. So, instead of just buying a new pump we got this little baby. I love it! It makes great noise. Plus, it sits at the door with the lucky bamboo. Very good Feng Shui. And I need all the feng and shui I can get.

I started a new lighthouse drawing this morning. Made JR run screaming from the house.
Not really, he had to go to work anyway. This one is not for our house but for my friend Lisa. Lisa of dish washing fame. Whenever she comes over she helps with the dishes. Do you see a theme here?

BTW, we celebrated Julie's birthday. See the princess crown? See her knight her beer. A good time was had by all.
Julie, "I dub you good beer."

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